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Recent posts by Hong Anderson

I recommend to use Spring form tag.
14 years ago

shivakumar paka wrote:Hi All,

Can any one explain DAO design pattern with example? (please dont give me the urls by searching google)

What is the difference between giving a web (can be search by Google), and explaining here?
Just declare a parameter, Spring will bind a request to a command object automatically.
Read Javadoc for more details.
14 years ago
We aren't allowed to create a instance directly because the constructor is private or protected so we have to use a public static method to get the instance.
You have to be a project manager at least 3 years to be eligible to take the PMP exam.
MIDP 3 is released now. And Sun is updating certifications for Java EE 6.
Is there any news about the next version of SCMAD?

John Wenn wrote:
So what's your opinion about upgrade exams for JEE6, how will they parallel those exams with the newly introduced exams as you mentioned JSF,JPA 2.0

I don't know for sure. But I guess that:
- Next SCBCD will focus less on JPA and focus more on other features of EJB
- Next SCWCD will be updated to cover Servlet 3.0 and JSP 2.2/EL 2.0
- Next SCDJWS will cover JAX-RS
- Next SCEA Part 1 will cover the new specifications in Java EE 6
I have no idea about Telecommunication field certifications so I cannot give any suggestions.
Many thanks for the information.

Interesting. They separate JPA as a new certification, it's probably based on JPA 2.0 and the JSF certification is finally added.
Actually I hoped they to revise SCEA or introduce a more advanced level of SCEA, but it might not happen anytime soon .
You might be interested in Microsoft Certified Architect program.
You're welcome. And thanks for the update.
I'm glad to know my advices are useful.

Ilja Preuss wrote:

Kengkaj Sathianpantarit wrote:
Many people misunderstand Composition, the Composition concept is very important and it has nothing to do directly with memory management. Software is a model of real-world object, composition is the concept of real world that we're modeling.

Oh, I think we are in violent disagreement here!

Software is not a model of real world objects. Software is a model of the *solution* to a problem. And it needs to be a model that takes into account the forces of being implemented in a computer. As one consequence, this model will look significantly different based on, for example, the language used to describe the implementation.

You're right. My statement was misleading. Actually I didn't want to mean that software is a model of real world objects as they are. Because the problem is what is the true definition of real world objects? Different people will see the same thing differently. Modeling a real world object as it is (from the eyes of the modeler) in software or in any forms is narrow and limited.

It was misleading nevertheless. I should improve my communication skills . Thanks for pointing out.

Anyway, model of the solution is only a description from a single viewpoint. To me, as a DDD guy, software is also a model of "domain concepts" of the system.