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How much of your early childhood can you recollect? Going by your assumption that belief in past-life should be corroborated by mental images of that period....you never lived as an infant....which is absurd.
[ February 19, 2002: Message edited by: Eager Beaver ]
20 years ago
Hi Laloo,
Nice to see you around after eons....and it was my surmise, going by ur posts on this thread, that you are none other than SS aka prof Baldamus. Your shining pate lent credence to my deductions.... . Buddy you seem to have become somewhat testy owing to your deteriorating gizzard. The drinking habit seems to have taken its toll on your once charming visage. I am sure the ol timers would agree...at least your sparring partner on the ranch. As the quartet reassembles its going to be a happy reunion. Cheers all. Angela, thanks for the greetings. Nice to see you here. I guess someone else has filled up the void created by ur ascent in the hierarchy here. Have a nice time,all.
20 years ago
Hi Tintin,
Well,before beginning to address your predicament let me announce....I am back. Don't know if you remember me....one of the pack that wud unwittingly seize ur initial threads here on the ranch. The quartet has disbanded or so I think.
Hey Stevie Kaligis you there buddy?
Neway, now coming to the topic, you have often knowingly / unknowingly projected a dastard-in-love image of yourself and that points to some inherent shortcomings in you on matters related to the heart. Hey guy, you need to get over any feeling of angst that you may have. I think that a 20-40 mins chat at a bar/club(remember, the ambience is working for you) should be enough for lady luck to smile. Try to introduce an element of drama in your conversation but be honest and don't feign. Do not be much of a deferential socialite and keep at bay any tendency of being a maverick(i hope u r not). If things do not work, never mind....pin ur hopes on the future for tomorrow is a new day. Good luck, friend.
20 years ago
I do not belong to any first family. So, guess I do not have a first language...
20 years ago

....such a great nation like your's....

This is the only piece of lasting truth in your mostly flawed comment.
20 years ago
I certainly appreciate your point of view. I can see that a few feckless and sensitive wimps want you to sound sweet and affable but do not worry, for movements/ideas like yours are for the brave hearts. Honking is a naively stupid idea and possibly goes down well with some kids here.
20 years ago
The day when Sir Issac Newton saw the famous apple fall to ground. Does anyone know the precise date.
20 years ago

India has carefully steered its foreign policy to its own advantage.

That should explain why we are not in a messy situation like you.

Also someone mentioned "Indian tanks in downtown Karachi in 1965".

Count your blessings kid and don't whimper.

I have an Afghan colleague who claims that as the Mujahedein were pushing out the Russians out of Afghanistan they actually drove all the way to Moscow. He knows it because he woke up in downtown Kremlin ;-)

Hey kiddo, your sense of humor is a bit too morbid.

20 years ago

Economically, India is very important to us in the long run as you (Indians) are showing yourselves as having the capacity to be the best in the world in technology in spite of your many internal problems, like over-population. People in the US and Europe respect this a lot.

Prem, thanks for the kind words about our country.
20 years ago
I guess the ranchers from higher echelons would make a better pic. Why not invite WROX guys over for Tea/lunch and convince them about the idea.
20 years ago

I read/heard somewhere that at about the same time there were only two cars in the entire state of Ohio and they somehow hit each other

Hey Dave, I just could not control my laughter....btw, is that true.

One in ten US adults couldn't read or write

90% literacy! That was laudable.
You guys in US have come a long way and standing across the seven seas from you, I salute thee.
20 years ago
I love INDIA not because I have had the opportunity to be born on its soil but because it has been the land of the bold seers of yore who questioned the very existence of this universe and delved deep into the inner self of man and triumphantly declared....'TAT TVAM ASI' meaning 'THOU ARE THAT'.
20 years ago

But I promise to send you guys crates of chilled beer when the fires get too hot

Hehe....and you will have earned God's ire for dispatching that potentially sinful drink to us heathens and while we would be engaged in bouts of bacchanalia a resounding thud would be heard....lo behold! Is that him our benevolent provider of the pitcher...err crates....
20 years ago
....and in that darkness you are visited by a strange, white apparition standing a few feet away......you are in a double emergency now.....
20 years ago
1. Hinduism (100%)
2. Mahayana Buddhism (67%)
3. Neo-Paganism (57%)
4. New Thought (56%)
5. Scientology (56%)
6. Jainism (52%)
7. Sikhism (52%)
8. Unitarian Universalism (50%)
9. New Age (44%)
10. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (40%)
11. Orthodox Judaism (36%)
12. Theravada Buddhism (33%)
13. Reform Judaism (32%)
14. Taoism (32%)
15. Bah�'� (26%)
16. Islam (26%)
17. Liberal Quaker (25%)
18. Liberal Protestant (11%)
19. Atheism and Agnosticism (7%)
20. Conservative Protestant (7%)
21. Seventh Day Adventist (7%)
22. Orthodox Quaker (2%)
23. Eastern Orthodox (0%)
24. Jehovah's Witness (0%)
25. Latter-day Saint (Mormon) (0%)
26. Roman Catholic (0%)
27. Secular Humanism (0%)
How true! Nearest contender, Mahayana Buddhism(67%), is way behind and that unequivocally establishes my way of life.
20 years ago