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Originally posted by Frederic Esnault:
Hi all !

I'm really happy to announce all of you I just cleared my SCWCD today with a 95% score. My result report is quite nice to see, 100% everywhere except :
Building JSP using Tag Libraries 87%
J2EE Patterns 66%

It fits perfectly my expected weaknesses, no surprise here. I have to work again on the patterns.

My comments :
- HFSJ is definitely the best resource for the exam;
- spec reading is a must. I made a document out of servlet spec i could give you, filter and security sections are missing, i have to finish it. It may definitely help you if you don't want to make "important info extraction" i already did.
- IMPLICIT OBJECTS : both EL and JSP implicit objects must be known perfectly. You must know which type is each of them, and how to access their content.
- Tag definition in TLD files, meaning of body-content, rtexprvalue... is a must also.
- Custom tags (simple and classic) must be known, their API (Interfaces, support classes (and the interfaces they implement), the methods signatures and return type if any, the constants (EVAL_BODY_INCLUDE and so on along with the interface defining them) : well, know the Custom tags API perfectly (not hard, it's very short).
- Listeners and Filters : know how to define them, know when they are loaded, and in WHICH ORDER.
- EL evaluation is not so deeply tested, just know basics (null treatment, operators AND difference between QUOTED and NOT QUOTED vars (ie: a[b] DIFFERS from A['B'] )

My best advice for people beginning preparation is what i did : read the book HFSJ chapter by chapter and make your personnal notes out of each of them.

The "HFSJ final mock exam + 20%" rule worked for me. I got 78% at the HFSJ mock exam, and got 95% today, which makes a +17%

The Whizlabs exam simulator is a good resource. I passed the final exam of whizlabs SCWCD simulator this morning with a 92% score, which reflected my score in the real exam. JWeb+ from enthuware seems nice too, but i have no real objective opinion on this one.

Ask me if you want details or other informations.

Final word for the HFSJ book : even if you don't plan to take the exam but you have interest in servlets & Jsp, trust me: buy this book. I don't think there is a better one out there both about the contents and about the way it's organized.

Gr8 score and thanks for all the help u rendered..Thanks buddy