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Recent posts by Selvaraj Subramanian

Congrats Ajay!

Thanks for Sharing your experience.
Hi Ronald,
Congrats!. All the best for the remaining exams.

What are the materials you referred?
13 years ago
Hi Ashwin,
Congrats! All the best for Part 2 and 3.

Thanks for Sharing your experience.
[ October 06, 2008: Message edited by: Selvaraj Subramanian ]
13 years ago
The exam was easy... there were more questions on EL and Custom tags.
I referred HFJS, Specs(for specific topics), API, Fredric Notes, Javaranch and Whizlabs.
I have finished my SCWCD1.4 with 85%, Thanks to all.
Thanks Gaurav Gambhir & Satou kurinosuke, Now I got it.
I read this line form Whizlabs,

Addtional request scoped attributes are added when the requestDispatcher is not obtained using getNamedDispatcher().
Both can have request scoped attributes know...

Can anyone explain me about it?
[ June 29, 2006: Message edited by: Selvaraj Subramanian ]
You have not implemented doPost() properly, it cannot have HttpSession as an argument.
It should work, I tried similar example like

SessionBindListen ssbl = new SessionBindListen();
SessionBindListen ssb2 = new SessionBindListen();
SessionBindListen ssb3 = new SessionBindListen();
SessionBindListen ssb4 = new SessionBindListen();



and the output was

<<<B>>>Name : hi Value : demo.SessionBindListen@1326484
<<<B>>>Name : hi Value : demo.SessionBindListen@16546ef
<<<UB>>>Name : hi
<<<B>>>Name : hi Value : demo.SessionBindListen@1428ea
<<<UB>>>Name : hi
<<<UB>>>Name : hi

<<<B>>>Name : X Value : demo.SessionBindListen@16d2633
<<<UB>>>Name : X
declare each listener under <listener> element and check the paths.
[ June 20, 2006: Message edited by: Selvaraj Subramanian ]
Anna, If u use JSP 2.0, u no need to mention <taglib-location> using <taglib> in web.xml.
You just give the path of the tld file like "WEB-INF/c.tld"(if it exists) otherwise u can extract the c.tld from "standard.jar" or check the URI in c.tld of "standard.jar"

and also u have put the attribute name as "item", it should be items

<c:forEach var="movie" items="${movieList}">
[ June 20, 2006: Message edited by: Selvaraj Subramanian ]
Yes, Its wrong because '-' considered as an Arithmetic Operator.
Here, it will be searching for an init param under "master" and then it will subtract it with "email" attribute if it exists.

So, attribute name should follow java naming rules. In java also we cannot have '-' in a variable name.