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Recent posts by George Bromfield

What use is my account if I never use it? I don't like to have accounts all over the web. Javaranch should have an option to delete your account.
15 years ago
Hi. I'd like to have my account deleted. Thanks.
15 years ago

After you copy a new plugin into eclipse/plugins you should run in the directory eclipse the following command: java -jar startup.jar -clean

Now you should be able to see your plugin. This way you don't have to reinstall your eclipse every time you add a new plugin

I've tried looking on the net for examples of simple projects that use JSF design patterns with small database but I couldn't find anything satisfactory.
Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks for any suggestions.
17 years ago

I am looking to create a programming environment around the eclipse IDE. I want to be able to create projects involving jsps, JSF, database, tomcat, to be able to do good debugging and testing.
What free plugins for eclipse do you suggest? In other words, what free plugins work together very well to help me do what i want?

Thanks a lot for any suggestions.
Thanks for the help. I did what you said and now I'm waiting to see the results.
18 years ago
It has been 5 months since I took the SCWCD certification but I haven't yet received my certificate. Does anyone know an email at Sun where to ask about my problem?

Any help appreciated
18 years ago
Well there was a question on the exam which mentioned a tag <resource-env-ref> in the DD web.xml.

And both the questions which I think had all the choices wrong, were about the use of standard actions (especially <jsp:useBean > . I can't remember exactly the questions.(of course I wouldn't say them on the forum )
Hi. I passed today SCWCD with 91% but I am a bit upset.

Not because of the score, but because there were 2 questions that had all the answers wrong and I had to choose one of them!!! No wonder I haven't heard on this forum about someone who made 100% in the exam! I am disappointed of Sun certification team.

As advice to those who study for the exam, I suggest focusing on custom tags and jstl (there were a lot of questions on these topics). I used HFSJ in preparation for the exam and took mock exams on the net. However, there was a question on the exam not covered by HFSJ or ant mock exam that i took.

That's about it. Good luck to those preparing for the exam.
It says very clearly :You want to let the user to be logged in only for 20 minutes.
getMaxAge() is the answer. My last word
getCreationTime() returns the time the session was first created. You subtract from the current time the time returned by getCreationTime() and you see if the session has expired. So the correct answer is E.

getLastAccessedTime() returns the last time the Container got a request from that user, which is of no use to you to find out the total time he has been in a session.

hope I was clear
I think that if you have a tld where you declare the tag file then you can use the taglib directive with the uri of that tld.

quote from HFSJ : "if you make a tld that references your tag files, the container will consider both tag files and custom tags mentioned in the same tld as belonging to the same library"

Correct answers in my opinion: B and E