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Recent posts by Amitabh Reddy

Originally posted by Arvind Birla:
" I work and live in Eurpoe so Indian institutes is not feasible."

I thought being 'online' implied that you don't have to be physically present to do it. :roll:

Oh, I did not know the institutions you suggested above offer online courses. My impression was, the likes of symbiosis or even IIM offer only classroom courses. And in that case, distance would make it impossible.
And again, Fast track MBA in 6 months sounds more like a full time rather than part time/online kind of course.
I will google more.

Thanks for your reply.
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13 years ago
@ Arvind
I work and live in Eurpoe so Indian institutes is not feasible.

@ Pat
The way the organization is structured here, I see it next to impossible. In my bosses eyes, I am either priceless Engineer or will make worthless manager. I suspect his thinking is inclined towards later

Classroom MBA seems extremely unlikely. Major impediments to classroom MBA are

1) I live in continental Europe and am linguistically insufficient to purse MBA in local language.
2) English language courses are available. However, cost is prohibitive.
3) I do extensive business travel, around 4 times and for 2 months, mostly to US.

Nonetheless, I am doing my own analysis of ROI, if I do the English MBA.

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13 years ago
I am looking for a online MBA course. I wonder if it adds any value to my professional profile? Well, I am tired of doing coding for last ten years and want to try some other profession. Doing MBA seems one option. Thoough, being family man I think it would impossible to do class room based part time MBA.Here in Europe, I work for a US aviation company with a very strong brand
13 years ago
Which specific qualities are looked into to become sheriff on Javaranch? No, I do not plan to become one. But I am curious since the assortment(of current sheriffs) looks very internationalized.
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14 years ago
A 18 year old blonde who loves three things
2)More sex
3)Even more sex.
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14 years ago
Godfather, The last don, Godfather, Godfather.......
15 years ago
Location: Mumbai, Opposite Sion station.
Resturant:Modern restaurant
Cuisune: MalavaniKonkani/Goan
Food: Fish

Strongly recommended..
epsecially Prawns/Crabs with neer-dosa.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Badriprasad Bumbabol:
You think no one else wud have realised that by now ??

A Pearl of wisdom for you : "Ignorance is bliss"
15 years ago

Originally posted by Dave Lenton:
Given the huge size of the universe, I suspect that we'll never actually meet any extra-terrestrial intelligent species.

True. We have been emitting radio signals for 50 years. And the radio signals transmitted so far, are powerful enough to travel for only 50 years. The problem is, this will cover only fraction of milky way area,let alone andromeda(nearest galaxy).

About existance of life, scientists are alreday finding life on earth in extremely improbable places, like in deep sea near Indonesia where the water temprature is more than 80 degree Celcius, highly contaminated toxic water and water pressure "enough to reduce human body to pulp.
Other places they found life was deep inside caves where no sunlight ever passes and no water is available. That life is not necessarily intelligent with its own defence system .

The question is, if life can exist and even flourish in unlikely circumstances here, why not on the other planets ?

The fundamental belief, that life can exist in a very narrow range of situations, is proving wrong.
15 years ago
Google is late entrant in AJAX. I saw those wonders in long back.
15 years ago
Not an aspiration as such But a wish.

Paris Hiltons Bedroom(ofcourse with her).
15 years ago
A dialogue by RajKumar,
Shishe ke ghar mein rahane wale kabhi dusaro kein ghar pathhar nahi pheka karate.

"Those staying in house of glasses, do not pelt stones at other houses."
15 years ago
I am still awaiting for answer from Mr. Parekh as to what is more powerful on the website he mentioned.
Do you have any answer Mr. Parekh ?
15 years ago

Originally posted by Chetan Parekh:

It's free and I found it more powerfull.

1) This is not Google earth rival. The site is powered by google.
2) Basic version of Google earth is free as well which contains trhe same satelite imagery.
3) What exactly did you find "more powerful", since it appears to be trimmed down(browser based) version of google-earth.
4) You probably wanted to link MSN virtual-earth when you meant "rival".
[ July 07, 2006: Message edited by: Amitabh Reddy ]
15 years ago
Mine is:
1) Pakistani
2) Mexican
3) Spanish
4) Italian
15 years ago