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Recent posts by Jiang Xiaofeng

Originally posted by Michael Ernest:
My daughter wants to be a vet; my sons wants to be a psychologist. 0 for 2 on testing that theory.

You think that sample size and range shows any type of correlation? Why do people constantly feel the need to bring up their personal observations when discussing statistics? There's no reason to even mention that, it has nothing to do with the discussion of whether there is an overall trend in society.

By your reasoning: in a discussion of death rates, I could say that I knew two people who died at 25 and therefore conclude that everyone dies at 25. easy up partner, this is a friendly site -MH
[ October 14, 2005: Message edited by: Max Habibi ]
16 years ago

Originally posted by vidhyasagar reddy:
can any body tell me where can i get the chess game source code in java applets .

Have you tried searching http://sourceforge.net/index.php

I'm not entirely clear what you're talking about.
16 years ago

Originally posted by Tim Holloway:
All you need is a Domain Name Lookup system.

The Internet-wide "phone book" is DNS, on UDP port 53. If you enter a host domain name in a suitable utility (such as "nslookup" or "host") a sequence of network messages will pass through the DNS network until either the name is found and returned or it isn't found and you get a failure indication.

All that DNS does is pair a host domain name with its associated IP address, so all you're really doing when you ssh login with user id@ip address is bypassing DNS.

DNS isn't the only game in town. The /etc/resolv.conf file on a linux box specifies what resources are searchable and what order to search them in.

Usually, the hosts file (/etc/hosts) is at the top of the list. Among other things, it resolves the name "localhost" to IP, but you can, and often will have other names and IP addresses there as well.

The advantage for using /etc/hosts over DNS is that even if DNS is down, you can still resolve, and the resolution process is (usually) quicker. The disadvantage is that if someone changes their host's IP address, you have to manually update the /etc/hosts file.

Thanks Tim! I got it all straightened out and am now logging in without any trouble. I'm going to get POP3 set up and running this weekend. Any advice?
16 years ago
Hello everyone,

I currently have an Ubuntu system up and running. I can login via an SSH connection by doing username@ip_of_my_system. I also own a domain name and would like to be able to login via username@domainname. Obviously this is not a rare feat but thus far, I haven't been able to get it to work. Does anyone know some of the steps I need to take? Setting up forwarding through the company I registered with [I don't know if it's okay to mention the name] will forward HTTP requests fine and Apache serves up the pages but SSH logins are not forwarded in the same manner.

Thanks for any help.
16 years ago

Originally posted by Gregg Bolinger:
I don't run Anti-virus software. I don't use any Email clients like outlook and I don't download illegal software or visit porn sites. Yes, I am still taking a risk worms coming in through ports, but my firewall is pretty good. However, there are times when I run across a questionable file. So I'd like to scan that file but I don't want to run antivirus software all the time. It eats away at my PC's resources and I usually end up killing it after I boot up anyway. But I'd still like the option of say right clicking on a ZIP file and then clicking on Scan that would start a scan of the file, then that software would die when it is doen or clean the file if need be.

Any ideas?

Yeah, run anti-virus software. What are you doing that's so resource intensive you don't think you can run anti-virus software?
16 years ago

Originally posted by inhaer Mc:
I am quite new with Servlet/JSP. How can i send an email from an servlet? Thank you for your help !

Use JavaMail: http://java.sun.com/products/javamail/
16 years ago

Originally posted by Patrick van Zandbeek:
From what I've seen happen around me there are only 2 reasons people can't be developers for more than 5 years or so.

They don't really like programming and only started it because they think it paves the way to management and bossing people around. They either burn out or move along, though mostly not towards management in IT but usually some other field of work, like chef maybe, then again , that sounds like too much work.

People that don't have a clue about programming and will never really learn either. They just bluff their way through stuff, stealing and copying code left and right and moving from project to project leaving only ruin and disaster behind. After a few years of covering up and quickly moving around, people will understand how bad they really are so before that they move on. Ironically enough, they usually end up in IT management positions instead of the people in group 1)

The rest let's call them group 3) since we're numbering anyway, can happily program until their dying breath.

Then again, these are just silly ramblings of someone that's been programming for 20 years now, so maybe you can't really program for long and my brains have been fried...

What about people that enjoy programming but decide that being in a management position is more rewarding?

And how does group 3 even fit into your original statement of "reasons people can't be developers for more than 5 years or so."?
16 years ago

Originally posted by Max longbeach:
can anyone help me here, please ?
It's urgent

This looks like a good starting point: http://www.dynamoo.com/technical/ascii-ebcdic.htm
16 years ago

Originally posted by Eric Pascarello:
If we want to talk about JavaScript, move your discussion over to the HTML and JavaScript forum and start a new topic. This forum and thread is to talk about a job, not to discuss the in and outs of ECMAScript.


You were the one who shifted the discussion away from the job and towards Javascript.
16 years ago

Originally posted by Mary Cole:
Peter , I tried that , but I couldn't hear any sound

Have you tried running yum?
16 years ago

Originally posted by Bhiku Mhatre:
The difference between winner and looser is making things happen and letting things happen.

OFF-TOPIC: Your signature should be: "The difference between winner and loser is making things happen and letting things happen." Looser has a different meaning than loser. You want "loser."
16 years ago

Originally posted by chinni Reddy:
"Deployment error: TomcatManager.undeploy invalid TargetModuleID passed. See the messages.log file for details."

What's in the messages.log file?

Originally posted by William Brogden:

In my experience, any degree in CS does NOT guarantee that a person can design and implement a fast, effective, easily maintained, etc. program in any language. CS degrees are vastly overrated.

It doesn't guarantee it [which I never claimed it did] but, if it is a BS [not a BA], I would expect the candidate would be much more likely to have a solid background in the field - rather than just knowing the current technologies. As far as I am concerned, a CS degree is much better qualification than any number of certifications.
16 years ago

Originally posted by camilla bat:
This might not match this forum, but I'll try anyway:

We're using JSF techn. running on Tomcat 5.5.
We're trying to create a custom error page, which should be quite simple, but it simply doesn't work.

In the web.xml I have this:

When I force a e.g. 500 error these line are probably read. It does no longer show the internal Tomcat 500 error, but now insted just the IE 500 error. It doesn't seem to find the server_error.jsp which is in the root of the webdir. I have tried with an absolutepath, i.e. /webapp/server_error.jsp, but with no help.

Does anyone have any idea about this? I have tried to move the bit of code around in the web.xml, but with no help.
Any other way to display such errors?


This is just a guess but I believe there was an issue with IE rendering its own 500 page if the 500 page returned was very small in size.

Have you tried to force a 500 with a different browser?
16 years ago

Originally posted by Balaji Loganathan:

Why not ??
If you think JavaScript is just for webforms validation, then you are wrong.
JavaScript is becoming a very powerfull client side tool now.
Most of the firefox extensions were based on Javascript...
XMLHttpRequest (AJAX)
DHTML + Javascript

Any software programming can be learned without a degree or diploma, however i still see the requirement for a bachelor degree at some point.

Where did I say that I believe Javascript is just for webform validation? Don't put words into my post that were not there.

The fact is that if you have an employee with a Bachelor's degree in CS, you're under-utilizing them if they're just programming Javascript. Furthermore, a candidate with a real Bachelor's of Science degree has much more attractive job options than Javascript programming.
16 years ago