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Recent posts by Gagan Indus

Never mind i read your question again and it appears you already tried what i was suggesting.

Ramboo's reply seems could do the trick.
16 years ago
Ok here is my try -- would something like this work?

N == total number of available colors
F == total number of colors that can't be next to each other
C == total number of flags needed

16 years ago

The scenario you are talking about sounds more like "personalization" of the site. Still i think there are are few ways you can apply the collective intelligence algorithms, depending on the actual business need:

- If you like portlet "X" and "Y", you may also like portlet "Z" (recommendation engine based on other user's selection of similar portlets)
- User tagging the portlets to categorize them. System presenting Most popular/most used portlet statistics to further help the recommendation. Or user recommending friends/colleagues a useful portlet.
16 years ago
Collective intelligence is still very much about human intelligence (at least for now). Its when lot of folks collaborate together and share their experiences, deductions etc. Generally everyone benefits individually and thats their motivation to participate, and generally the sum is greater than the parts. Web provide an excellent platform for this to happen.

I suppose in far future you could have AI devices collaborating together sharing their experiences and learning from each other, getting better as well.
16 years ago

I am running JUnit 4.1 tests with NetBeans 6.0 without any problem.

Also for a different project, i run my Junit 4 tests via Maven2 integration of netbeans without any problems.
Yes absolutely, just add the *.vm to your project's "Source" folder, and any dependency jars to your project's "Library" folder and Netbeans will make sure while packaging these becomes part of the jar file. Thats the simplest way.

Also, if you use Maven for builds you can have Maven do this packaging the way you want and just tell netbeans where to find the Maven POM file.
Thanks for your suggestions.

I told in as firm words as possible that i am not going to do it. Now i'll wait and watch how things turn out over next few weeks :-)
17 years ago
Alright, i guess i can use some suggestions from the trenches so please present your views on the situation.

The situation is like this, my employer have a client for which i been working for more than three years. Now my manager have acquired another new project from a different client where she need to use me full time, so she wants to transition me out of the current project at a very short notice. But her manager (that is, my boss's boss) doesn't like the idea as it will impact current project and she isn't able to work it out with him or other senior folks.

Now i been told by my boss to say to her boss (and later to client) that i am going to resign if i am not transitioned to new project. Well, i don't know how to respond to her really. I would like the opportunity to work in new project but i am not so desperate for that. I just don't feel it would be justified to threaten folks like this. And also, the idea is that after threatening her boss will reluctantly agree to transition and then i could move to new project very quickly (and not really care about whatever happens to current project by abrupt movement!). I just don't like this.

I am inclined to say to my boss that i can't do this (and i have indicated that few times already), but she is pushing this idea on me repeatedly for two weeks now and it appears my reluctance is the only thing in her way. The appraisals are due soon and my denial now will make my boss really unhappy.

Any suggestions?

Appreciate your suggestions.
17 years ago
Thanks for the suggestions Eric/David.

I did not realize about the lite version of firebug, although had used Visual web developer before and think it is decent.

Fiddler certainly looks interesting. I have been using Ethereal for this kinda stuff, but fiddler is much more.
To debug the loads of client side javascrip/AJAX, i find the firebug extension in Firefox browser completely invalueable.

I am not sure if IE have any equivalent extension? Any recommendations? Also, any tips/recommendations for making the life easier in general, for debugging javascript in-browser would be much appreciated.

Originally posted by swapna roa:
hey !Anoushka
15lakh for 10.5 experiance is really a very bad pay my hubby has 8.5 years of experiance he is getting 21lakh any way you can ask for 20 lakh.

Wow - thats some salary for that experience! suddenly makes me feel grossly underpaid having 3/4th of that experience but only 1/4th of that salary.
17 years ago
Try Java Posse, its good ->
17 years ago
Yes this happens a lot (i speak from my experience in Indian IT industry, do not know about elsewhere), i have numerous examples which confirm this trend - at least 3 where i am sure of the facts. The sad part is that it now seem to be more of a norm than an exception and the best people aren't necessarily being hired for the job, at least not through employee referrals.
17 years ago
Regarding 4, i think the answer is Yes, its a 30 day trail. I had tried once in the past.

Few years back i used to be on IntelliJ early access program (before the corporate decided to move to eclipse). I had found that was one another great way to 'try' upcoming feature before you made up your mind. The EAP program's home is