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Recent posts by Tim Farkas

My Name is Tim Farkas and I am a recruiter with XCEL Solutions Corp. I am looking for a Software Engineer with strong Java/J2EE skills for our direct client. The position is located southwest of Pittsburgh. It is a full time position and you could start immediately. The position description is below for your review.

Software Engineer

Position Summary:
The Software Engineer�s role is to design, execute, assess, and troubleshoot software programs and applications. This includes configuring, coding, developing, testing and documenting software specifications throughout the project life cycle. The Software Engineer will also oversee system startups in a timely and accurate fashion, and provide support to other technical teams where required.

Major Responsibilities
� Collaborate with Database Team Members, Project Managers and User Interface Developers in the development and initiation of new software programs and applications.
� Research, document, and implement program requirements and specifications.
� Consistently write, translate, and code software programs and applications according to specifications.
� Oversee the quality assurance of program logic, data processing, and error resolution.
� Run and monitor performance tests on new and existing software for the purposes of correcting mistakes, isolating areas for improvement, and general debugging.
� Administer diagnostic analysis of test results and deliver solutions to critical areas.
� Develop an awareness of programming and design alternatives.
� Cultivate and disseminate knowledge of application development best practices.
� Gather statistics and prepare and write reports on the status of the programming process for discussion with management and/or team members.
� Determine, develop, and maintain user manuals and guidelines.
� Install software products for end users as required.
� Liaise with network administrators, database developers, programmers, and other software engineers to resolve any defects in products or company systems.
� Take an active role in cross-departmental projects when needed.
� Direct research on emerging application development software products, languages, and application development methodology standards in support of procurement and development efforts.
� Interact regularly with managers, clients, vendors, and agencies to field queries and questions.
� Train, manage and provide guidance to junior software development staff as required.

� Four-year college diploma or university degree in software engineering or computer science, and/or 5-10 years equivalent work experience
� Certifications in J2EE preferred.
� Technically fluent in programming languages, with emphasis on Java and familiarity with other languages like C++, and Perl.
� Experience in object oriented development tools and methodologies.
� Experience with application deployment in �n-tier� Production environments.
� Proven database and operating systems experience with Oracle and Solaris.
� Competent and proficient understanding of platforms such as BEA WebLogic Server.
� Solid working knowledge of current Internet technologies.
� Hands-on software troubleshooting experience.
� Experience at working both independently and in a team-oriented, collaborative environment is essential.
� Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment is crucial.
� Proven analytical and problem-solving abilities.
� Adept at conducting research into software-related issues and products.
� Must be able to learn, understand, and apply new technologies.
� Strong written and oral communication skills.
� Strong interpersonal skills.
� Customer service skills an asset.
� Highly logical.
� Highly self motivated and directed.
� Keen attention to detail.
� Overtime hours may be required to meet project deadlines.
� Sitting for extended periods of time.
� Dexterity of hands and fingers to operate a computer keyboard, mouse, and other devices and objects.
� Physically able to participate in training sessions, presentations, and meetings.
� Some travel may be required for the purpose of training, off-site software installation and system startups.
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17 years ago
My Name is Tim Farkas and I am a recruiter with XCEL Solutions Corp. We are looking for a System Architect with stron Java/J2EE skills for our direct client. The position is located southwest of Pittsburgh, PA. It is a full time position and you could start immediately. The position description is below for your review. If you are not interested or unavailable please feel free to share this with any friends or colleagues who might be interested.

Systems Architect

Position Summary:

The Systems Architect�s role is to strategically design and implement in-house information systems and networked software architectures that support core organizational functions, and assure their high availability. This individual will gain organizational commitment for all systems and software plans, as well as evaluate and select all technologies required to complete those plans. In addition, the IT Systems Architect provides technical leadership across the organization, from strategic decision making down to the project planning level.

Primary Responsibilities

� Design and implement long-term strategic goals and short-term tactical plans for managing and maintaining corporate systems and software.
� Ensure that proposed and existing systems architectures are aligned with organizational goals and objectives.
� Provide architectural expertise, direction, and leadership to IT Directors, IT Project Managers, IT Software Engineers, other IT Systems Architects, and software development teams.
� Confer with end-users, clients, or senior management to define business requirements for complex systems and infrastructure development.
� Research and make recommendations on software products and services in support of procurement and development efforts.
� Where applicable, design, develop, and oversee implementation of end-to-end integrated systems.
� Document the company�s existing systems architecture and technology portfolio; make recommendations for improvements and/or alternatives.
� Develop and execute test plans to check infrastructure and systems technical performance. Report on findings and make recommendations for improvement.
� Develop, document, and communicate plans for investing in systems architecture, including analysis of cost reduction opportunities.
� Conduct research on emerging technologies in support of systems development efforts, and recommend technologies that will increase cost effectiveness and systems flexibility. Coordinate feasibility studies for software and system products under consideration for purchase, and give advice based on findings.
� Review new and existing systems design projects and procurement or outsourcing plans for compliance with standards and architectural plans.
� Develop and manage a systems capacity plan.
� Develop, document, communicate, and enforce a policy for standardizing systems and software as necessary.
� Provide guidance, oversight, and direction to other members of the development team.
� Exceptional understanding of the organization's goals and objectives.
� Strong understanding of information processing principles and practices.
� Solid grounding in core enterprise applications, with particular emphasis on BEA�s WebLogic Server and SUN Solaris environments.
� Expert knowledge of programming languages and development frameworks, with emphasis on J2EE.
� Working technical knowledge of current Internet systems software, protocols, and standards, including TCP/IP, HTTP, XML, SOAP, Web Services, and Service-
Oriented Architectures.
� Hands-on experience with application development tools, preferably Eclipse.
� Strong knowledge of software evaluation principles and practices.
� Extensive experience with software configuration management principles and tools. Knowledge of Borland�s StarTeam is preferred.
� Exceptional analytical, conceptual, and problem-solving abilities.
� Superior written and oral communication skills.
� Excellent architecture and technical support documentation skills.
� Strong interpersonal and consultative skills.
� Ability to conduct research into emerging technologies and trends, standards, and products as required.
� Ability to present ideas in user-friendly language.
� Able to prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment.
� Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.
� 24x7 on-call availability.

�Bachelor's degree
College diploma or university degree in the field of computer science/engineering or information systems (Master�s degree preferred).
� Ten years work experience.
� Demonstrated prior software development experience.
� Extensive experience in developing strategic systems architecture plans.
� Proven experience in systems and network design and development.

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17 years ago
I just wanted to get on and say thanks to everyone for their help. I am a Technical Recruiter and we try and hold education classes every couple of weeks to help us non-tech people understand the Technology we are recruiting for. I was teaching a brief overview of JAVA and the question came up. So again thanks to everyone for your help.
17 years ago
Need a Java Developer well versed in AWT and Swing with experience in socket and multi-threaded programming. Full-time permanent position with benefits. Are you up to the challenge? If so, please contact me ASAP for more details.
17 years ago
How did the name Java come to be. I know when the language was originally created it was called Oak based on a copse of Oak trees outside the window of the office the developers sequestered themselves in. But where did Java come from?
17 years ago
I too have a position available in the NJ area close to the shore.
17 years ago
Hi Charlotte,

Glad to see I am not the only local recruiter who posts on here. Have you had any luck so far from posting to this site?
17 years ago
I am looking for a Java Developer with minimum 2-3 yrs experience who is proficient in Java, Awt, and Swing. The applicant should also have good knowledge of c/c++ programming. Socket programming is a huge plus. Prefer UI development experience but will entertain others. Platforms include Novell, Unix, and Windows. Bachelor's in Computer Science preferred.

This is a full-time perrmanent position in Monmouth County, NJ. If interested contact:

Tim Farkas
Technical Recruiter
Configuration Management, Inc.
732-450-1100 x138

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17 years ago
Are you located in or willing to self-relocate to Monmouth County New Jersey?
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18 years ago
We are looking for two Java Developers with 2 to 3 years experience in User Interface Design, AWT and Swing. C/C++ and Java socket programming are a plus. Bachelors degree in Computer Science or Engineering concentration is required. This is a permanent employment opportunity, visa sponsorship is not available at this time. tim.farkas@cmi.com

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18 years ago