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Recent posts by thiru chakravarthi

Hi All,
It is greate that lot of people are showing interest in joining this group.
How far u guys have completed? What is ur plans/strategies in completing the syllabus and taking mock exams..
I feel it is good to share their study plans so that if any one is going out of track or not planned properly,can correct him/her self and take the exam on planned date.
I am planning to give the exam by First week of April.planning to study 1-1.5 hr daily(week days) and around 3-4 hrs week ends.
I have planned to study R&H for 3 weeks (Like completing 3-4 chapters on weekly basis) and repeating/revising the last weeks study in the subsequent weeks.It might be hard to revise and feel good as we won't forget what we have studied in the last week and can remember more and will be useful at the end.
After completing one round of R&H, want to revise the entire book on the 4th week.Paraley,if needed I will be referring some other books like Mughals/Compelte reference for more info.In the 5ht week planning to take mock exams and parallely revising once again the entire R&H book.This might help me.Then in the 6ht week,planning to give the exam.
It is highly appreciable if some one gives their plans of study and taking mock exams..
Hi jane,
first I tried by running the program without having the same class file in other directory.
Seocnd time I tired by having same class in different directory,without importing the class.It worked fine as you have mentioned.Even it worked fine with importing the class file in different file.
Then,I tried witout importing any of the class file,then it is calling the method which is in different directory not in the same directory?
If I want to make it dynamic,that is calling methods in each class(I,e same class name in different directories)what I am supposed to do?
I have already changed my user id.
I am having one class say test.class and accesstest.class files in same directory.
I am having one more class test.class in a different directory than accesstest.class.
In accesstest.class,if I import the directory of test.class (the one in different directory) and create an object for test class,
I want to know which class file it will be used?(whether the one having the one at the same directory or the one in different directory)
will this depends on access modifier again?If so if I have defined public as the modifier for the test.class the one in diffrent directory what will happen?
Can any one please help me?
It might look silly...But I want to know, even if it gets resolved in run time, the value of both the string are same.So why it is still printing 'false' instead true.
Is it comparing whether two string variables are pointing to same value or it is comparing the real value of both the strings variable?
public class tstring2 {
public static void main(String args[]){
String st1 = "java";
String st2 = "java";
String st3 = "va";
String st4 = "ja";
String st5 = st4 + st3;
System.out.println(st1=="ja" + "va"); //true
System.out.println(st1==st2 ); //true
System.out.println(st1==st5); //false
System.out.println(st1.equals(st5)); //true
System.out.println(st1==st4 + st3); //false
System.out.println(st1.equals((st4 + st3))); //true
can any one tell me why the out puts look like (what I have mentioned in comments)and why the out put differs?