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Recent posts by Robert Gann

I'm starting with Swing programming, so I hope that I am not wasting bandwidth on something trivial. However, I'm really stuck.

I'm creating a Swing application involving students. I've created a JFrame and populated it with JComboBoxes, JCheckBoxes, JRadioButtons and the appropriate event handlers. I read a list of students from a file and populate a JComboBox. When the application is run, the results are written to a file. This all works fine. The "Submit" button causes the data to be written to the file.

I have two questions. First, the handler for the "Submit" button merely writes the data to the file. However, it does not change the values of the various Swing components back to their default values. I'd like to uncheck the JCheckBoxes, etc. Can anyone tell me how to do so?

The second question is related. I'm going to want a second version of this program for editing student information. In other words, I'd like to select the student from a JComboBox and read the information from a file. Then, I'd like to use a from with JCheckBoxes, JComboBoxes, etc to edit that student's record and write it to a file.

Many thanks for any assistance you can render. I'm trying to do this quickly and am floundering.
14 years ago
This morning the admin function worked when I turned on my computer and started the Tomcat service.

I, too, could swear that last night I stopped the Tomcat service, installed the administrative function, and then restarted Tomcat. When the administrative function did not work, I rebooted my computer and started Tomcat. Since the administrative function still did not work, I posted my query and turned off my computer.

I now have two queries:

- What is causing this flaky behavior?
- Why was the admin function removed from the defaulty Tomcat 5.5 install?

16 years ago
I've tried to follow this process as precisely as possible a couple times. However, I still get the error indicating that "Tomcat's administration web application is not installed by default."

- I am running Win XP Pro SP2.
- I installed jakarta-tomcat-5.5.9.exe into the c:\tomcat directory.
- I set CATALINA_HOME to c:\tomcat.
- I expanded
- I copied jakarta-tomcat-5.5.9\conf\Catalina\localhost\admin.xml to the
c:\tomcat\conf\Catalina\localhost directory.
- I copied jakarta-tomcat-5.5.9\server\webapps\admin and all its
subdirectories to c:\tomcat\server\webapps.
- I started the Apache Tomcat service.

The same error appeared. As far as I can see I have done exactly what was suggested. I would greatly appreciate any assistance anyone is able to render.
16 years ago