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Recent posts by Xavier George

We have deployed our application and there is a need to revert back the deployment.

When we deploy the ear file through the Admin Console, Weblogic first copies the ear file at this location -> /usr/bea/user_projects/domains/my_domain/servers/AdminServer/upload folder. And again, if I redeploy the the same ear file, the previous ear file will be overwritten. Is there a way to recover the previous overwritten ear file? Is there any other place, weblogic keep the old ear file?

Please help me to recover the previous overwritten ear file. This is an URGENT request.

Thanks in advance.
13 years ago
We are having issue with war deployment in Weblogic 92. We have updated a jar file in WEB-INF/lib folder and deployed the war file. But, old jar file is being referred by the server. It seems weblogic has cached the old jar file and not picking up the new jar file.

We did restarted/deleted/uploaded the new war but it did not help.

Any thoughts?
13 years ago
Dear All,

I need to perform econometrics/statistical computaion for the bank. We were using Matlab from MathWorks.com. Recently, we are planning to perform computation with java instead of Matlab.

e.g. below is the sample equation that I want to evaluate in java -

∆Φ^(-1) (SDP_t ) =B_1 〖∆SDF〗(t-1 ) B_2 〖∆XXX〗(t-2 ) B_3 〖∆linear〗(t-1)+B_4 〖∆Linear〗(t-2)

My question is, I have not found API in java though which I can perform calculation. Also, we are performing this type of computation first time in java, does java supports all statistics calculation like standard deviation, mean distribution et cetera.

I came across Apache commons-maths library which provides class related to maths/statistics. (http://commons.apache.org/math/api-1.2/index.html)

Has anyone performed statistics/equation evaluation in java or with Apache commons-maths? Please share your thought?

I appreciate your time reading my post.
14 years ago
Probably, you may need JDBC driven that can handle distributed transaction.
I am deploying Web-aplication on WLS cluster. Just want to know how many ServlerContext object will be created for 3 server participating in the cluster. Each server runs in its own jvm. Generally, there is one servletContext object one web-app/war file.
17 years ago
Ok, that means you are saying provider for JPA could be Hibernate. So what I understood is - Hibernate could be JPA provider because Hibernate config file i.e. hibernate.cfg.xml encapsulate database related information which is responsible for managing DB connection pooling etc. which JPA could not provide.
Correct me if I am wrong.

Thats mean I do not need full fledge container. What I need is JPA binaries(jar instead of hibernate.jar(s)). So, I can write the persistent layer using JPA and can persist from java main().

Client with java main() -> persistence layer(JPA) -> DB Layer. (No container)

But, I could not understand why we need JPA implementation. Is it not part of the JPA library. Why we should rely on hibernate/iBatis etc?
Can we run JPA (prog devloped using jsp api) without application server?
I am badly in need of Serializing Resultset object into secondary storage. So that I can read it later.
Any hint how to do???
[ April 26, 2007: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
Thanks for your response. Thats what I was thinking.
17 years ago
I need to know how to generate message in jsp from specific ApplicationResources property file. In other words, when I write <bean:message key="app.hello" />. How to instruct JSP to call app.hello from German/French/Italian ApplicationResources_xx.properties. Below is my 3 properties file

The German ApplicationResources_de.properties file.

The French ApplicationResources_fr.properties file.

The Italian ApplicationResources_it.properties file.

Do I need to creat locale object in JSP based on user selection of specific country or do I need to populate specific locale object in the request object?
17 years ago
Is Hibernate Session object is thread-safe ?
If not, how to insure data integrity between multiple request?
Yes, I restarted my server and even RAD but did not help. I must say, there should be some configuration/setting to point the server output on the RAD console. By default it server output prints on the console ... but in my case its not
Really need advise on this !!!
17 years ago
Thats true, was has std out directory into C:\Program Files\IBM\Rational\SDP\6.0\runtimes\base_v6\profiles\default\logs\server1\SystemOut.log and print statement is being logged.

But, my concern is how to redirect those output to RAD console. Is there any setting that I have to do. On another macine it is printing fine on the console.
17 years ago
I installed RAD V6.0 with inbuilt Wasphere Application Server 6.0 (No separate installation). But, nothing is printing on the console when I am running the servlet which has System.out.println, browser shows output correctly. But, standalone java program with main method print everything fine.

Any idea/suggestions???
17 years ago