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Thank you Bob for your replay. I did somehow understand that the problem was with the JVM; I wished to find out how to solve the problem; I didn't see any indication in the message. What I manged to do was to reverse the version of Eclipse to a previous one; so far it is working fine. I am only hoping that that the next update will work fine; so far I haven't found out how to stop the updates.
5 days ago
Thank you Mikalai for your prompt response. However, I am not particularly interested in the cause of the problem; I wish I could find a solution. A short time ago, I wanted to run with an earlier version of java, but I only found version 5 in the IDE (Eclipse) and when I selected it I got syntax errors, so I installed JDK 8 and the application runs fine. Unfortunately, running on debug, the findClass method of URLClassLoader throws a ClassNotFoundException. The problem that I cannot debug the application continues; I am still hoping for a solution.
6 days ago
I have a web application created with Spring Boot under Maven and compiled for JDK 14; for a few days it has run perfectly under both run and debug, but today, although it runs fine,  I am getting an error message trying to debug
"Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM warning: Options -Xverify:none and -noverify were deprecated in JDK 13 and will likely be removed in a future release."
Maybe I was compiling for JDK 8 before, but I want to use JDK 14 for the future. I have seen many discussion in the Internet but I haven't found a solution.
6 days ago
I finally found a class in the internet working with ucanaccess that worked for me, but worked for a SELECT not for an UPDATE; I changed my code for a SELECT and it works fine. The question now is why can I not use UPDATE? It worked in previous years; the program from the Internet doesn't use user name or password and my program also runs without them.
Thank you Stephan; the only file I am using is the one specifying the location of the database.
I was using Maven to load the ucanaccess jars, and eliminated it to load difrectly  the jar files but to no avail I still have the same problem. In Access I created a use  with a login name and password and now to the the database I have to use login name and password; I also gave that user all the permissions in ACCESS. It appears I am going to have to do it the old fashioned way "No ucanaccess just a DNS".
Thank you Paul for your prompt reply; well the message doesn't include password so it appears the reason for the problem is different. I have connected to copies of that database many times in the last ten years with exactly that code for "getConnection()", but is an old program in Eclipse full of syntax errors today for some ungodly reason and I haven't been able to find out what values of userName and password I was using; on the other hand something may have changed in my computer or Microsoft may have changed Access. The messages indicates that I am using ucanaccess although the cause is a java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException, of course I have ran the SQL statement directly in Access and it works. At this time I am trying to create a user in Access with a userName and password  but I haven't found a way yet. Currently I am using the Maven dependency for ucanaccess but I will try the jar files from the old program
This is my code

I have  been using the getConnection method for years; it gets a connection to a MS Access database using ucanaccess, but the problem is not with ucanaccess. The Exception error message is

I am getting the connection with this code

I am using userName Admin and password "" because in Access the default username is Admin and there is no password; but I could be wrong. I have exhausted the Internet and I have not found the solution.
I create a web page to display an image with he following line:

I apologize but "<,> didn't  display as code.
The html is in the templates folder of my application and the image file "paperless.gif" is in folder "templates/images"; I am assuming that I am using a relative path.
I haven't been able to find a solution after googling for a long time.
2 weeks ago
Thank you Rob. I am amazed that such indication isn't found anywhere.
3 weeks ago
I am following the code in chapter 2 of "Spring in Action" I have the classes:

The first problem is that in class Ingredient the flagged error is "The blank final field id may not have been initialized"; this should not happen if the constructor was present.
In addIngredientsToModel of class DesignTacoController the flagged error is "The constructor Ingredient(String, String, Ingredient.Type) is undefined". Also, in method filterByType the flagged error is "The method getType() is undefined for the type Ingredient".
It zappears that lombok is just not working. But I have lombok in the pom:
and Maven Dependencies in Eclipse shows lombok.

3 weeks ago
My mistake; I was using the wrong file path.
2 months ago
This is the sample code:

I have been using the method runCommand in a application for years. I use it to display and edit files, text, word, whatever extension. The method has worked perfect until now; it apears to be a Windows problem, because running the command
cmd /c "C:\SAV\Database\Documents\0.txt"
in a DOS prompt I am getting the error message "'C:\SAV\Database\Documents\0.txt' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file."
Exploring the Internet hasn't given me any results.
2 months ago
There is an easy solution. Do it with Eclipse -> Export using the option "Runnable JAR file" instead of plain "JAR file".
Yes, I create the jar file with Eclipse. I imagined that since Eclipse compiles correctly to run "As a Java Application" it will create the jar file correctly, but surprisingly it does not. Creating the jar file with Eclipse, I don't see any option to specify classes or jar files. It appears I have to create the jar file myself; I an exploring information on the Internet, but any information or links that you can give me will be a great help.
Thank you for your replay Paul. I created the jar file in Eclipse and it does have a MANIFEST file specifying what is the Main_Class.  I cant specify the class with the the package from the jar file. Could you please explain how do I specify the class when I am creating the jar file?