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Recent posts by Kudret Serin

Hi Michael and Josh,

Thanks for your new book and congratulations.

During development of a SPA, we usually focus on mockups, application logic, payload structure and business functionality. As we implement a new module, view, new feature of our SPA, we use variables, make DOM manipulations, add listeners to elements etc. which means increasing memory usage on client.
So if we ignore performance considerations during development, it is possile to come to a point that our app blows up browser's memory usage and our app responds very slow to events or even becomes non-responsive.
What would you suggest for performance considerations during development? Any tools to monitor / improve our apps mem usage? Or some patterns / anti-patterns that we need to think about?

Thanks in advance
Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science or related departments
Software development experience using Java technologies and relational databases Oracle or mySQL
Interest in technologies like J2SE, J2EE,RMI, JSP, Servlets, Struts 2.0, Vaadin, SVN, Eclipse, Maven, XML, Web Services, AJAX
Understanding of software development methodologies, object oriented software design etc.
Having a good command of written and spoken English
Good team player, result oriented attitude and analytical mind
Strong communicational and interpersonal skills
You reside / relocate in Antalya.

Job description
design and development of distributed and service oriented systems
work out of solutions using agile development methods, mostly in small teams with high level of responsibility
development environment is based on state of the art, fully implementing continous integration and delivery

Place of work is our development office in Antalya Teknokent / Akdeniz University Campus

What we offer
A professional and high-tech environment, long term orientation, an interesting business area, nice atmosphere in a small team, a sunny city

Applications to: kudret.serin at pribas.com

Please note this is on site job position (remote work is not possible)

11 years ago
I am developing a web service using Axis2 and have a question about handlers and message flow.
I implemented a handler, and in some cases I would like to give response to client without any further processing.
(throwing an AxisFault with a message would be an option but I do not want to do this because I want to return a specific xml)
(or I do not want to return InvocationResponse.ABORT because it just stops and does not return anything to client)
What is the way of returning response to client without going to MessageReceivers?

Thanks in advance,
12 years ago
Than what does it mean?

"In Axis2, by default, any given web service is exposed as both SOAP and REST.
The result is that as a service author, you do not need to do additional work.
However, it should be noted that for some services that are exposed using REST API will not work."

(Quotation from the book Packt's "Apache Axis2 Web Services" 2nd Edition)
12 years ago
Thanks for reply. I meant using built in API of JavaSE 1.6 to create web service versus Axis2.
Is it possible to provide both SOAP and RESTFull service (on same url) with same server side implementation?

12 years ago

We would like to create web service and on step of decision which framework to use. If we consider about cross cutting tasks (like logging, authentication, error handling etc.), does axis2 brings more capabilities, features than jax-ws 2.0?
For example should I implement logging of each request by implementing a SOAPHandler? or is there already implemented mechanism for this?

I know it is a bit general question but I need expert comments / suggestions for decision.

Thanks in advance ;)
12 years ago
To be honest interesting question asked by a SCJP, SCWCD.
Isn't it a wide question?
13 years ago
did you try this?
14 years ago
I think you need to create a virtual device first.

14 years ago
I have following code but i am not sure if there is a better way especially with better regex so I do not need variable i and the loop.
15 years ago
Thanks for the reply but as I said I need the regex
15 years ago
How can I get the index of 4th capital letter in a string with using pattern and matcher ?
Actually I need the regex.
Thanks for any help.
15 years ago
Hi all,
I developed a desktop application (with GUI) with Netbeans 6.5
I created a jar for distribution and delivered to the customer.
My customer says that the application runs fine in PC, but it does not run in Mac.
His note about this:

The application works fine on my PC, but I cannot get it to launch on my Mac. What happens is that the Java Coffee Cup symbol appears in the application dock at the bottom of the screen, but disappears after a few seconds. The application's user interface never comes onto the screen.

I do not have a chance to make test on Mac.
What can be the reason? On which points should I focus?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
15 years ago

Surya Kant wrote:Sorry for the late reply.
Follow these steps for your problem
1.Create a class which extends the existing tag class
2.Create entry in the tld file & define the attribute property also
3.In your doEndTag method check for the attribute .If it is true then call supper class's method otherwise continue.

It is a simple case of overriding.Do let me know if you are still not getting what i am telling.

Ohh thanks, its works ;)

Thank you....
15 years ago

Surya Kant wrote:Yes you can do it very easily..Just extend the class.Define one more entry in .tld class which takes extra parameter..And your job is done..

Thanks for your replies,

Yes this is the first solution that we think, but after discussing it (De-compile the main class after adding some new features in it after save it another name and using it) we think that we can have some problems between de-compiled java class's owner company and our company.

So what i want to do

So i dont want to invent the whell again but i need to do this in legal way..

Any ideas ?

15 years ago