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Recent posts by anjali desh

By module information ,I meant that how do we specify the module name so that the action path is searched in the correct module's struts-config.I dont see any attribute to specify the module name for the html:form tag . html:link has it . Or cant we switch modules using html:form tag ?
12 years ago
Can any one tell me how to specify the module information in the html:form tag?
<html:form action= "/createResource"> .
I am using struts 1.3.10 and just cant get a way to specify the module information.
Any help will be truly appreciated.
12 years ago
Hi All ,
I am trying out the usage of custom user registry in WAS6.1 .
Setting the WAS properties to use the pre-provided File-based user registry worked fine .
Moving on I tried to use the IBM DB2 custom user registry.
I placed the required jars - db2jcc.jar,db2jcc_javax.jar,
db2jcc_license_cu.jar ,sas.jar and wssec.jar in the <WebSphere_root>/lib/ext),
i also added the jar containing my custom registry implementation in the same ext directory .
However I get a ClassNotFound exception when UserRegistryImpl tries to load my custom registry class during server start up.
Is there anything I am missing in this? Why is the classloader unable to load the registry class?
Having a look at the classloaders view in admin console reveals that all the necessary jars are in the classpath of the WAS Extension Loader .
Any pointers on this would be really helpful .
12 years ago
welll..dont think it will be too feasible to get it shipped all the way to India using Amazon.(havent shopped on amazona dn am not aware of the shipping charge/freight involved)Is it available in all book stores across US or maybe Autralia?Myabe I could ask my friends there to get it for me.
14 years ago
Hi arulk,
Can you tell me if the book mentioned in your links would be available in India?
14 years ago
Hi Friends,
I have given SCJP 1.4 and SCWCD.I am interested in thoroughly understanding the newly introduced features of Java 5.0.But this wont be from a certification point of view,though upgrade exam might be a future possibility.In this scenario,would Study Guide by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates for SCJP1.5 be advisable for me or is it strictly from certification point of view?
Thanks a lot for all your wishes guys.
Hey Marc..Do I get some place on the Wall Of Fame?
Hello everybody,
Finally I am a SCWCD with 91%.
I was a regular visitor of this forum for the last 2 mons.
And at the risk of sounding extrmely repititve I must say that Javaranch rocks..and Head First rocks too man..This is sounding more like a cliche these days.Well but reading HF was a real pleasure.Technical topics were never so fun before.And the book is more than enough for SCWCD preparation.Thanks HF team.and by the way your sentence at the bottom of some pages "and we know of a really good book on EJB" always made me laugh out loud.Talk about being modest.Just kidding.
The exam is very easy as compared to the HF mock.I had just scored 66% in it 4 days before.So the rule was +25 for me.
I was preparing for last one month.Had read HF twice in that period.Then took a 10 days leave from office and finally gave the exam yesterday.The only mocks I practiced were the java ranch mocks,J2eecertificate and ofcourse the HF mock.As suggested by everyone keep the HF mock till the very last.It really pushes us to study and gives us a fair idea of where we stand.
The exam has equal amount of questions on almost all topics.Drag and Drop questions are quite easy.Design patterns was one area that I feared,but got a 100% on that.Lost some points in custom tags and web app deployment and structure(sob :-().
I have 1 year experience in J2EE now,but never really worked with filters ,security etc.So this was really good learing for me.
Well then,if any one has any queries to ask,feel free to post a message.
Forming a study circle is a great idea.It helped me for SCJP.
any one fron Pune here?
Thanks for the info guys..Got my voucher for 5900/- from NIIT (Arora Towers-Pune)
Hi Vivek,
Got the pdf.Thanks a lot for that..!
Try reading the DispatchAction concept.I think it will solve your problem
16 years ago
Hi,I have developed this sample application for struts server side validations.But the validatsion are not performed.Can any one help me on this one?
My struts-config

My InputForm bean


inputForm.userName=User Name
errors.minlength = {0} can not be less than {1}.
errors.required={0} is required.

When I submit my form,the control goes to success.jsp without performing any validation.
what could be the reason?Have I missed anything?
16 years ago