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Recent posts by Joanne Neal

Well the problem is that the code is trying to parse the string "try this to invoke try-catch" into a date which it obviously can't do, but without seeing any code and the format of your input data nobody is going to be able to tell you why it is doing this.
9 years ago
Have you tried compiling it ? What happened ?
9 years ago

Sresh Rangi wrote:In your example, toString() isn't being called on the array, it's being called on the first element within the array. Because printf takes vararg parameters, the last parameter is interpreted as an array containing the remaining parameters.

Well spotted Sresh . I could see it was printing the hashCode of an Object rather than the Object array, but i couldn't think why.

Richard, you can stop the Object array from being treated as var-args by adding a cast. Try

and see that the object class is now [Ljava.lang.Object; (an array of Objects) rather than java.lang.Object.

Kayleigh Gilroy wrote:I have tested this code and it seems to work but when I call "method1" from a method in of a different class I get the error message.

Calling that code from another class will not cause a NullPointerException unless the reference you are calling the method with is null. So we would need to see that other code before we can help you.
The full stack trace you get may also be helpful
9 years ago

Sebolela skull wrote:Can you please make a step-by-step on how to encrypt and decrypt from a text file?

Try this
9 years ago

Ciara O'Hara wrote:I want to return a value from the matrix. Thanks again.

In that case you need to change the return type of your method (it is currently declared to return an array of double arrays) and also the type of the A variable.

And when you've fixed that you need to know that array indexes start from 0 and go to n - 1, where n is the length of the array.
9 years ago
You're already discussing that here. Don't start a second thread as it may waste people's time posting information in one thread that is already in the other one.
9 years ago

Ciara O'Hara wrote:I am getting the error: "This method must return a result of type double", though to me it looks like I am returning double (A), so I'm confused.

The compiler isn't clever enough to know that you will always enter the for loop, therefore it is complaining that, if the for loop is not executed, there is no return statement.

Having said that, why have you got a for loop anyway ? It returns every time during the first iteration, so your code is basically the equivalent of
9 years ago

Dan D'amico wrote: what i did wrong in the BlackImg class ?

It's more a case of what you didn't do
9 years ago
Your first problem is that you never enter the while loop

You set arraysEqual to false and then test if it is true.
9 years ago
Are you sure that is the code you are running ?
The stack trace shows you calling the loadMDBFile method in the File_Open class, but your code is showing a class called FileChooserTester
9 years ago

james choi wrote:Is my approach correct?

What exactly are you hoping to achieve ? The point of a chat server is to allow clients to chat with each other. You have one server and multiple clients. If every client is using a different server none of them will be able to communicate with the others.
9 years ago

mo radesh wrote:
more interestingly

this will compile

for(;false == false;){}

Well why wouldn't it ?
It's equivalent to
which, as you said, is allowed.
9 years ago
The versions of Windows Server that you will probably still find in use are 2012, 2008 and possibly 2003. The process for enabling anonymous LDAP access is different on each of these, but your admin should know how to do it.
9 years ago
It is possible to set up anonymous access on AD. How to do it varies depending on which server you are using. It is also disabled by default (as it's a potential security hole) so you will need to bother Admin people whichever route you take.
9 years ago