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Recent posts by Bryan Scarbrough

Dave, I do not know the answer to that question (I guess if I did I would not be asking the value of SCJP to begin with)...

But that is a very good question, if a little subjective - Will employers be more likely to hire an inexperienced Java programmer with a certification as opposed to one without the certification?
How long should I wait before getting it? Do I need more experience and time working with java, or would it be more beneficial to get the certification now and let the experience come with (hopefully) more 'solid' coding?
I am a recent Computer Science graduate and have worked the last few months with Java and I really enjoy using the language, but I am curious of the added benefit of getting the SCJP or any other Java certification. What advantage do these certifications give that would make me want to get one, and where would be a good place/time to start?

Thanks in advance for any and all replies, I am really wanting to expand my skill set and build on the training I recieved from my degree and am looking for the best means of accomplishing this objective.
Nick, Thanks for the quick reply! I figured Swing would not support it natively and I think I have found a way around my problem anyway, but in the meantime...

How difficult is it to learn JNI (for someone who has not programmed Java in a while)? Any good tutorials or books?

Thanks again!
17 years ago
I am working on a project for work and need to know if it is possible to run external applications, such as Windows Media Player, etc. in a JFrame or JInternalFrame? Also, if this is possible will it treat the frame area as "Full Screen" when the media player is placed in full screen mode?

Right now just trying to see if this is possible before I spend a great deal of time researching it.
17 years ago
Interesting article, Thanks!

Probably. If you want to use transactional stuff you need to make sure you are using a database which supports them.

MySQL 4.0.x.x does support transactions, BUT, you must use the InnoDB table type.
Thanks for the reply! I figured out a solution - I am taking the count() of the StringBuffer value and then using the deleteCharAt(countValue) and removing the last character, which happens to be the comma value.

I will definitely look into your post however since I will probably need to do this function more often.

Thanks again.
Paul Sturrock said:

How can you remove the trailing " and "? Actually I want to remove a trailing comma from a StringBuffer, but I am sure the principle is the same.

and I'm assuming there is no stack trace?

Nope, no visible errors being reported! The form values are posted to a JavaBean and the servlet then redirects back to the original page. The info goes out...somewhere...and then the page refreshes as it posts back to itself.

Is returning false?

If the ResultSet returned null, wouldn't I get an error? Anyway, I am using a query very similar to this one in another Bean and it works perfectly; I have not tried to update with that query, however...

I think I may just resort to plain old SQL for the Update. I am quickly running out of time for this project, so I must work with what I know and understand.

Thanks for your help, if you think of anything else, please let me know as I would like to implement this in future projects if possible - plus I hate not being able to resolve a problem like this!!
I have also tried this without the IF() statements, simply updating everything all at once, and it still does not work!!

Please help!!
I am trying to write an updateable result set that takes in multiple values from a JSP page and updates the ResultSet. I am posting these values to a Servlet that then sets the appropriate variable values and I then perform the query and "attempt" to use an if() statement to compare current database values with the new variables and thus only update the values that require updating, but it is not working at all!

Below is the code that I am using for my ResultSet and it is not working at all!

Can someone please help me to figure out what is wrong with this code or if I am trying to do this all wrong in the first place?!

Sorry I cannot help, but I am looking for something similar. So any information that anyone can provide on this would be great.
18 years ago
OK, I will take another stab at this. I am looking for an updateable grid. Something like the JSF htmlpanelgrid, but I cannot find infrmation on how to use this.

So, if anyone has information on the htmlpanelgrid or some other updateable grid style form/table then please let me know.

At this point simple links to potential solutions would be sufficient. Just anything to point me in a direction.

18 years ago
Is there any way to use JSP/JavaBean/etc. (anything at this point!) to create a table of elements from a MySQL query that is updateable? I know how to create a table of information from the MySQL query, that is no problem, but my problem is that I want the user to be able to update information in this table; sort of like a form in a table, or an Excel style spreadsheet.

There are all sorts of custom tags available to create really nice pagination tables, but I have not found any that are updateable!

Please help!
18 years ago