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Recent posts by Ram Munshi

I would not suggest to invest in NFO ,invest in more established funds ,a lot of funds are very good funds and giving very good returns

1. Reliance vision
2. Reliance Opp.
3. Sundaram Select Mid Cap
4. SBI Multi Cap
5. Franklin Blue Chip
6. HDFC Prudence (Balanced )

..............List can go on ,do some research ,before investing your hard earned just don't go by tips of somebody or your Advisor ,they get huge commission on NFO ,so they might be reluctant to suggest you already established funds.

All the Best

18 years ago
I think reason of leaving is usually not told by the companies ,but while talking to ex supervisor he might give bad referance and can tell the actual things but how reliable his comments would be ,nobody can say because it can be professional rivalery or it can be some professional issues too .
Not sure about this thing,Somebody more experienced can comment better..........
18 years ago
IMO It does not make much diffrence when you change the company ,new company would give you the position according to your experience and skillset .
So don't see any problem to take this opportunity ,you can ask for pay hike as well if they give you more responsibility ,position alone would not make diffrence .
So go ahead..............

18 years ago
Life moves on , A person just can not sit and regret about the past. This kind of things happen and very common in almost every industry .
Hr persons understands this kind of things and they would not mind to give another chance if the person is now honest and eligible for job .
18 years ago

Originally posted by Shankar Iyer:

Ram Munshi,
The only risk is in day trading, where people try to make money by buying and selling in the same day. Of course, "Futures" is also a RELLY HUGE Risk.
But medium term to long term investments (for 4-6 months) in good stocks is NEVER A RISK. Think you are very fond of Mutual Funds

Shankar :No issues ,the only thing is that I don't have that much time to do fundamental and technical analysis and keep a watch on day to
day basis ,So for me It is somewhat difficult to take care of all this things.
For me it is secondary activity as I have full time job to do , While investing in mutual fund it is fund manager job to do keep track of all the activities ,so it is easier for me.
Once I retire in the age of 45-50 ,I would like to involve seriously in equities ,till then it is just another form of investment ,which can give me better return than bank FD /bonds.
All the best for your investments.

18 years ago
The problem with the crowd is that they put money when market is high and bulls are riding the race and all of a sudden when bear phase start they come into the panic and withdraw the money and instead of making profit they lose money .
This thing usuall happens with retail investor ,they are always cheated.
So the safer way would be investing through Mutual Funds(thru SIP route) only in equities ,where professional managers are handling your portfolio.
and chances are less that you would lose money . Investment in equities is always calculated risk,a person should always ready to bear the loss also if he wants to make quick bucks.
Lets take an example of Indian Market ,Sensex is on new high and it has crossed 11,000 marks ,now it has become very risky to put
your money at this level and the correction is possible any time or it might happen that correction don't take place at all.
P/E ratio of some blue chip compnies is touching 50-60 .that is too high to invest in them at this level,So I would suggest take
professional help If you are not very confident about yourself.
So let the mutual fund manager do this job for you ,If you are not very knowledgeable in equities ,apart from this you can invest
in diffrent companies using mutual fund and your portfolio would be pretty diversified which is not possible when you invest individually.
Some good truested AMC are Franklin Templeton,Reliance,Fidelity,SBI (though its star manager Sandip Sabarwal has just left),Sundaram,DSPML. ( Do some research work ,by going to www.valueresearchonline.com)
Try to invest in those funds which are established and have good track record of return in both bullish and bearish time instead of investing in NFO (New Fund Offer ) and temptation of Rs. 10 nav. This is just a trick because nav of mutal fund is diffrent from nav of stocks.

18 years ago
I feel it is all matter of time ,If it is boom time does not matter but in the slow down HR might be sceptical to hire such candidates.
But in the long run job hopping in every six months would not yield any significant impact because there is limit for pay hike ,after that it would be very difficult to get hike.
Nowadays there is such a huge gap between demand and supply that nobody cares how many job person has changed,so when the picutre is not that rosy person has to be careful.
the problem is that nowadays everybody wants to mint money as soon as possible like there is no tomorrow.Things would improve with the time when there would not be such gap between demand and supply.
By the way companies are also partly responsible for such things.

18 years ago
well,my suggestion is that don't be speculator ,Stock market is not gambling It requires a lot of research and demands a lot of time.
If it is not like that everybody would be minting money.
Investing money is art and to learn any art it takes time once you start learning gradually, be slow and steady and disciplined investor .
In india it is bullish time everybody is making money ,but when correction would take place you can lose your hard earned money.
So take your time ,learn the basics and go ahead .
Last but not least don't follow the crowd.

Ram Munshi
18 years ago
Equities are bit riskier option ,you can also lose your hard earned money,If you want to invest in equities ,Start with Mutual fund
which are rather safer also in mutual fund you can start with Balanced fund which are blend of debt and equity.
Though in mutual fund growth would be relatively slow but it is rather safer option,also keep your money diversified. the
percentage of money in the equity /mutual fund should be around 80- your age (this should be your risk appetite)

Apart from this do a lot of study before investing in any mutual fund ,some good indian sites are

www. valueresearchonline.com

You can get the background of that specific fund and the returns in last few year. Apart from that some amount should also go
in bonds/Fixed deposit(very safe) options.
Also take term insurance as soon as possible ,these are best possible and cheapest insurance options,once you take enough cover
you can also take endowment policies too. Also take health insurance if you are in your late 30's.
In mutual fund do some research ,read about asset allocation ,most of your money should go in large cap fund,after that some mid cap ,small cap fund to get better returns also invest thruouh SIP only (Systematic Investment Plan)
If you have more money you can also invest in real state where it is growing (especially in tier 2 cities in india),your money can grow by leaps and bounds.
Apart from that investment in gold is also good ,so the mantra is keep your money diversified as much as possible to avoid the risk
and be a disciplined invester (this is the most importent).

Cheers !!

Ram Munshi
18 years ago
well ,A lot of things are matter of time ,take the case of 2000-01 when there were no jobs and it was very difficult to get job with
small company and things were horrible.
You are fortunate that you are getting chance with accenture ,small company experiences is never counted ,how ever good or bad you are .....
You would be considered fresher only in accenture ,take this chance to prove your mettle ,work for 1-2 years (accenture gives very good hikes(till 40-50% in six months ),so don't worry about salary ),After that wherever you go nobody would dare to say that you worked with a "PAANWALA" company.
forget about technology ,It is very difficult in big consultancy to get projects on good technology ,all the things you are going to learn about processes and big-2 keywords.(which you can never learn in small companies ,however good they are ) I think this play importent role when you are moving up the ladder.
So learn about the things which can give you statbility and your bread and butter in long term,If you are not very techy kind of person .Last but not least now the future is in maintainance and support only so people who has that kind of experience and flexiblity to work would only survive ,leave the hard core development for those who wants to take pain .
Apart from support ,maintaince work keep work -life balance too because you need not give a lot of time.So Be Happy and Enjoy.
Life is too short to think about petty things . Cheers

18 years ago
Hi Karthi :

I would suggest join them ,opportunities should not be missed ,though it is good time you can not decide to leave
due to just one person comments and this kind of things happen(when you are looking for entry level position).
It is only matter of time,Once you put accenture brand on your resume you can negotiate well ,small is always small
Powerful always is right ,this is the cruel world you can not miss opportunity just due to some idiot's comments.
Think about the things in long term and don't be emotional.
All the Best

18 years ago
You can ask anything between 5-6 Lacs ,I don't see any problem when company is HP .
Just be confident and justify yourself.
Lesser than it I won't suggest,just give them a range.

Good Luck

18 years ago
Hi :

As far as I can understand your problem is that one of your previous company which was in development earlier now moved to training
and it has also changed name to something else,also you are saying they your employee id is now being used as a trainer.
Please correct me if I am wrong .

Though there is nothing to worry about it , just for the sake of precaution clarify everything before hand with the HR and go confidently . Still If there is anything which you don't want to discuss publicly feel free to send private messages.

And Last but not least losing any offer is not the end of the world ,this is just start, one thing I would like to tell all the new comer
it is better to think in long term after 3-4 years experience and should not think about salary and other aspect much if you are feeling comfortable in your orgnization and having a decent salary ,don't move just for the sake of brand name and also move slow
and steady,try to enjoy life in other terms instead of just money and work if you are not very techy guy.

I realized this things late in the life . Apart from that read K J Reddy comments sincerely


18 years ago

[ February 20, 2006: Message edited by: Ram Munshi ]
18 years ago