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Recent posts by Norm Radder

To call non static methods from a static context, you need to create an instance of the class and use it to reference the method.
2 weeks ago
The classpath must point to the folder containing the demo folder.  If the -cp command is NOT used, then the current directory needs to contain the demo folder.
Otherwise use the -cp option as Stephan said.

The java command must refer to the full class name like you did:   java demo.selenium.iBanTest
2 weeks ago
What happened to the original OP?

It looks like Houssam El has stolen this thread for his own code.  

Should Houssam El's code be moved to its own thread so that the original OP can work on his problem?
2 weeks ago
I am a moderator/question answerer  (perhaps the only one) on another java programming forum and will be away for 6 weeks.  I was looking for someone to sit-in for me while I am gone.  There isn't a lot of traffic there and a visit once or twice a day should handle it.  One problem with the site is I have not been able to have it send me email notifications for new posts.  I am not an administrator and am not be able to give users any special privileges.  As moderator I can edit any posts, delete or hide them and ban users.   I have often recommended this site (coderanch) for OPs when their question is past my knowledge.
Please PM me for the site's URL and any more details you would like.

2 weeks ago
The first level test would be with the localhost address with the server and client being on the same PC.
If that works, then move to testing in on a LAN with two PCs connected to the same LAN.  May require settings in the PCs to allow external connections.
When that works, move to testing it between two PCs using the external IP address for the PC with the server.  That test may require firewall changes.
2 weeks ago
If you have code at this site:
could you add a post there saying the problem is solved?
3 weeks ago
Every time a new Player object is created, the value of currentGold will be set to 500 because currentGold is static and there is only one copy of the variable available for all instances of the Player class.
Remove the static so that each instance of the Player class will have its own copy of currentGold.

What is the purpose of the amazon1 variable?  It is always created when a new Player object is created and then its gold value is copied to currentGold???

Whoops, I thought code was in Player not in Main class

I was remembering the code from this site:
There seems to be a big change from that code to what is posted here.
3 weeks ago

The problem that I am having is that the amount of gold seems to deplete right after a purchase but then returns back to its original value after I call the amazonInventory() method.

Can you post the program's output that shows what you are talking about?  Be sure to add some comments where the output is not what you expected.
3 weeks ago
How does that code compile if the Node constructor takes an argument?
4 weeks ago

 actual node rewiring does not work as expected

Can you describe the expected results for these  cases:
node to insert is less than the current node
node to insert to go at end of list

What values need to be copied to link the the new node?

I removed some of these print statements

Put them back until the code is debugged.
For example what value is in head after the first insert is done?
1 month ago
How are you trying to debug the code to see what it is doing so you can find the problem?
The code does not have many useful print statements to show the program's progress when it is trying to do an insert.
1 month ago
Please post your code here on the forum.  Be sure to wrap it in code tags.
1 month ago
Take it a step at a time.
First work on getting the distance between all pairs of contents.  Print the indexes and the distances between the contents for those indexes.
Working on that should give you some ideas on the next step.
1 month ago