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Recent posts by Esam Ahmed

I would love to know what are the new features that are added to Spring 3 if one needs to compare it with Spring 2.5

Thanks much,
13 years ago

I had been overwhelmed....

Hey ranchers,

I need some good online references to look at first before I start reading a book.

Can you please provide some good links....since some of you probably have done it already...

I know MZ's link, I will try that later...need some intro now....


Hi tanu,

You shall receive an email for each request of the logo.
Sun will send you web site link where you can download the logo files...
Among the files, are some documents that you can read on how to use the to recreate the logo with Sun's recommended methods...

I read the document a little bit , but i didn't see mentioning on using it on the resume...but you can certainly use it on your business cards...

The best is to wait..and you will find all the documents..once you download them with provided link...

Cheers....and congratz...

18 years ago
Excellent score for excellent dedication...

Congratz Amit


[ October 16, 2005: Message edited by: Esam Ahmed ]
18 years ago
CoNgRaTz Miomir

Excellent score....

I am preparing for the same...

18 years ago
I did the same.
I think it might take a while for Sun to verify the certification, and then they will email back the logo info.
If I don't hear from them for a week, I think I will give them a call or email them...

18 years ago
Awesome score...

Not too detailed with the exam

18 years ago
Thanks Andrew..
Got it now.

18 years ago
Yesterday, I have noticed that certain XMLs create Graemlins on the fly.
Is it possible to fine tune the Graemlins codes such that they don't sneak in the XML tags?
I posted a reply that needed XML tags, and there it is:

<jsp oBody/> //it is < jsp: doBody/>


[ September 27, 2005: Message edited by: Esam Ahmed ]
18 years ago
Awesome Zee
Tell me about your preparation strategy just a little bit if not much trouble...
I am planning to take the exam as time permits...
Just going slow now...

Congratz again.

18 years ago
Hi Rizwan,
Nowhere in HFS/J?
I can't be sure about that.
Simply speaking, Filters are a prime example of what servlet chaining is all about.
You can google "servlet chaining" and will find lotta links on this.
You get the idea.
I don't think that servlet chaining has been really elaborated for the SCWCD exam.
The most important aspect of it, Filters have been really elaborated for the SCWCD......

Hi ritesh,
I personally believe as many ranchers pointed out that if you feel confident, you should go for it.

I think you are doing great on the mocks.
A typical suggestion is that, start scoring 85+% on the mocks, and you are ready for the actual exam with no worries.

If you have studied K&B book thoroughly, as I have read many success stories about the book, you should be fine.

But as it happened to me, I personally wanted to try a commertial simulator too.

So, if you feel for a commertial simulator, and if you want to try some, you should do it to be confident.

Per your request, here is the link for JQPLUS:

Here is the link for Whizlabs simulator that I tried:

18 years ago
Disadvantages of servlet chaining??
The only thing i can think of is "slow performance/response time" for certain kind of request (if the request needs to do heavy processing).
I wish more ranchers join in this thread!!!

Congratz Deepak,
Great score on a tough exam...
Keep it rolling...

SCJP 1.4, SCWCD 1.4, (SCBCD 1.3 - in progress, real slow)
18 years ago