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Recent posts by Chandrakanth


I think you are using http for the provider URL.

i think you need to use iiop.

try this:
14 years ago
Hello All,

Can any body tell me,

can the application installed on websphere application server 6 (64 bit)
connect to the websphere MQ(32bit).

15 years ago
Hi All,

could you pls help me in getting this resolved.

I have a script..inside the script i am doing su - ashok, i have the user ashok's password in the file.

when i do su - ashok, the script is asking the user for the password.
i want to read the password to read from the file and give as input to su command.

can anybody tell me how to do the same.

su - ashok
17 years ago
These are Some of the topics i reffered in Specs are:
1. Servlet Specs i read fully, but the Qns on servlets were completely covered in the HFS.
2. JSP: I read chapters 5,8,JSP.7.3 The Tag Library Descriptor
3. for EL, I found the things described in HFS is enough to answer the questions.
4. Security no need to refer any other topic, as the book describes it fully and look for <security-constrait> tag, which is mandatory and which is not
Hi All,

I finally cleared SCWCD 1.4 with 95%.
My preparation was as follows:
1. HFSJ (Head first JSP and Servlets by Kathy Sierra,Bert Bates and Bryan), The book covers all of the topics of the Objectives,
but for Syntax of the Standard Actions and JSTL core actions...refer the specs.
2. Mock Test at the end of the book.
3. Mock Test for SCWCD at javaranch.
4. Referred JSP/Servlet/JSTL Specs only on the things which i found not fully covered in HFSJ, like taglib implicit map, JSTL core tags syntax etc.

I would like to thank all Ranchers for clearing my doubts.
IS defining taglib(i mean uri) for the JSTL mandatory..
i mean, in order to use core tags in jsp, is taglib with c prefix is mandatory?
when i tried in tomcat, without rtexprvalue in the tag, i am able to give expressions as the valueof the attribute.

but in the specs i found default value is false.

can somebody explain why in tomcat...default value is true..
I am not getting any exceptions if we write to a print writer obj, after we close the obj, or flush.

SO, is this the behaviour expected/ or its the exception

if we have a same uri for the 2 tld files, I am not getting any errors.

Is it container specific or there should be error while deploying the application

1. If we write to the PrintWriter, after we flush, is it an exception/is it ignored

2. if we write to the PrintWriter, after we close the writer is it an exception/is it ignored

Can anybody pls answer
If we return values other than defined like
9, in the doStartTag, my doAfterTag is getting evaluated.

why the container is not throwing error, if we return non standard values.
hi Can anybody answer it,

I am calling a simple tag with body content "tagdependent" as:

<tagprefix:simpletag>${abc} <% "abc" %> abc</tagprefix:simpletag>

getting output of this: ${abc}
but i am not getting <% "abc %>

if we have in JSP like this
1. ${}
2. ${person["name"]}

if the person class does not have a getName method, is it a exception or not.

can't we do this in JSP,
i am getting the error The method getOutPutStream() is undefined for the type HttpServletResponse

Fyi, i am not getting any exception thrown, if i write to the PrintWriter, after i do response.sendRedirect