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Recent posts by sunil kelkar

Somehow your first link is not working.

This is my server.xml file -

Originally posted by Ulf Dittmer:
This article and especially this one might be good starting points.

18 years ago
I want to configure the Logger and Valve settings in server.xml, in such a way that stderr and stdout are redirected to the file specified there.

Can anyone provide me the relevant server.xml code and an explanation?

Note - I want to redirect my stderr and stdout messages to a file in my application context, rather than the standard catalina.out
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18 years ago
Ilja, thank you for the link. I shall check that out in office today.

Originally posted by Ilja Preuss:
I found this via google - hope it helps:

Okay, threw away the cuban cigar!!

Originally posted by David O'Meara:
Please read my request again. Close, but no cigar

Thanks for pointing that out. I have changed my display name as suggested.

Originally posted by David O'Meara:

We require display names to be two words: your first name, a space, then your last name. Fictitious names are not allowed.


We have a licensed copy of VisualAge for Java (Professional) Version 4.0 Build 0620 IV3-5 JDK1.2.2. We want to migrate our application built with this IDE (using their Visual components) to Eclipse. IS there a migration tool or a plug-in available that would seamlessly do this? All help appreciated.
The basic problem still persists - I am unable to add arecord into the mySQL based Cabin table. What should I do?

Originally posted by Paul Sturrock:

No. Unless your Cabin Entity Bean uses the default Hypersonic DataSource?

One more thing, if I modify my client have something like this -

then I guess it is inserting a record in the default Hypersonic database table, Cabin and not in the mySQL database table, Cabin. More confusion!
Does that mean, I cannot connect to this EJB from an external client? Very confusing.

Originally posted by Dave Salter:

OK, I see. Why are you trying to lookup java:/DefaultDS on the client? This is not bound on the client, only on the server, so the error that you are getting is expected behaviour.

Have a look at this.

When I run, I can see:


* jndiName=CabinHomeRemote,plugin=cache,service=EJB
* jndiName=CabinHomeRemote,plugin=pool,service=EJB
* jndiName=CabinHomeRemote,service=EJB

Also, I checked the server.log file, I did not find any problems related to DefaultDS. Also, here's an extract of server.log -

Originally posted by Paul Sturrock:
So how do you get your Context? Can you see your DataSource in JNDI with the jmx-console? Are there any errors in your server.log when the DataSource was created.

[ September 19, 2005: Message edited by: Paul Sturrock ]

The client is not running in JBoss.

Originally posted by Paul Sturrock:
Is your client running in the container? If not, how does your getInitialContext() method get a Context?

mysql-ds.xml file is there in the deploy folder of JBoss and here are it's contents:

Originally posted by Dave Salter:
What does your mysql-ds.xml look like. Have you deployed this to your deploy directory?

When I run my client, it says DefaultDS not bound.
My application's files are as follows: file is:

jboss.xml file is:

jbosscmp-jdbc.xml part of the file is:

ejb-jar.xml part of the file is:

My part of the file is:

Where am I going wrong?

Originally posted by Dave Salter:
What exactly are the problems you are getting?

This is with reference to the book - Oreilly's Enterprise JavaBeans 4th Edition, ISBN 0-596-00530-X

I am trying to run the Entity Bean of Chapter 4 in JBoss 4.0+ and mySQL. I have followed all the instructions given in the book.

However instead of titandb-ds.xml I have mysql-ds.xml file. I have also created and copied the file jbosscmp-jdbc.xml to the folder src\resources\META-INF This file has <datasource>java:/DefaultDS</datasource>

What changes do I need to do to the file, especially to the statement Object ref = jndiContext.lookup("CabinHomeRemote");

Are there any other changes, to make my client program work?
This is with reference to the book -
JBoss: A Developer's Notebook
By Norman Richards, Sam Griffith

With reference to Chapter 4 - Connecting to a Real Database, don't we need to change the datasource type mapping to mySQL from Hypersonic in the file standardjaws.xml; if we need to connect to mySQL instead of the deafult Hypersonic database?
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18 years ago