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Recent posts by manogna edintipal

How can I display current date in the input type text in the html

and I have a link <a href="abcd.html"></a>

when user clicks link, I have a set a hidden variable to some value

how can I achive this pleae send me some sample code.

Thanks in advance
Is jboss providing support fot the content management system(cms).....

If yes How should I approach to buid a sample cms application

any useful links and guidances are welcome

18 years ago
STD(kamasuthra used to avoid Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
18 years ago
servlet-api.jar is in java build path
For the method "getRequestDispatcher() "
we have to give the arguement as the physical path (starts with context root /)
for the method getnamedDispatcher()

its enough to give the servlet name(<servlet-name> in the web.xml) as the arguemnt(This is because you can dispatch ypur request to the servlet which has no public access that means the servlt may not have the <servlet-mapping> in the web.xml file)
18 years ago
I am using eclipse...

when I save a normal java class, its automatically compiled and class file is copied to the specified directory.

but When I save a servlet I am not able to compile it

I didn't get where I am going wrong?

can anybody help me..

thanks in advance
[ March 03, 2006: Message edited by: manogna edintipal ]
where can the container serches for the tld files???
18 years ago
I have a simple tag handler class

when I compile the java file I am getting the following error

"cannot resolve symbol getOut"

can any one help me

[ February 24, 2006: Message edited by: manogna edintipal ]
18 years ago
I have a jsp page ,which throws a java.lang.ArithmenticException.

I have an <error-page> entry in the web.xml as follows.....


I am not able to see the "MyErrorPage.jsp" page when the jsp page throws the Exception.

plese help me where I am going wrong......

Thanks in advance
18 years ago
Hi mark

have you got the solution for your problem?

I am facing the same problem

could you guide me

[ February 16, 2006: Message edited by: manogna edintipal ]
18 years ago

You cannot add boolean values as specified above


in this case first the boolean value of the b1 will be concatinated to the empty string and then b2 and then b3, forming a string and that will be printed.

so the second statement won't give you compile time error.
[ February 08, 2006: Message edited by: manogna edintipal ]
Function which has more specific arguement will be called

Here String is more specific than Object

as String extends from Object.

and what happens if we use String instead of String Buffer.

In the above code
I expect the value being chaged in the methods m1 and m2 is local StringBuffres .but the result is different .
can any one help me out where I am goig wrong.....
[ February 04, 2006: Message edited by: manogna edintipal ]
When you are in the multithreaded environment

each thread can maintain its own set of variables (Cache)

When you declare a variable as Volatile, what ever the updation to its value will be performed on the master instance not the local instance(Cache) of the Thread.