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A Enter

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since Aug 16, 2005
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Recent posts by A Enter

hi,A Kumar.
output is p
I think the final short(any var) can't be casting to int.
and in this case system cast int to short.
Look the follow code,It can complie correctly.

class trythis {
static final short s1=10;

public static void main(String args[]) {
short s2;
s2 = (int)s1 + 11;

what's the "static final" do?
hi,i think
anonymous class can't extends class and can't implements interface explicitly.but anonymous class can implements interface implicitly.
for ex:
interface A implements interfaceB{}

new A(){}

anonymous new A(){} implicitly implements interfaceB
Thanks,please move it to one of our Java In General forums.
16 years ago
hi,Barry Gaunt
I have not the english name,can you give me one?
I have changed my name like "A Enter",is right?
perhaps,i think "super()" is be to invoke deffient arguments constructor in the parent class.
anybody know the other reason?
Thanks,I got it.
but i doubt."super()" is no effect for write it explicit to the subclass constructor?why the "super()" is be?
Thank you for you post.

actually,i found "public Object()" in the class nothing.
why somebody do like that put a "super()" method in a class constructor without concrete parent class?
i have found the fragment in the class object.who can tell me what the "registerNatives()" method do?

private static native void registerNatives();
static {
16 years ago
can anybody help me ?
a class has not parent class but in the constructor has a "super()" method.
what "super()" method do? as well known all class extends class object.i have not found "object()" construct method in the class object.
Look the follow code.
public class ttt {

public static void main(String[] args) {


public ttt() {
super();//what the method do?
SampleArray[cannot change dimension][change]..??
Look the follow code.
class test{
public static void main(String []args) {
byte [][] big =new byte[7][7];
byte b4[] = new byte[5];
b4 = big[0];
The code can compile correctly.
I agree four objects.
line 1:two x and new String("abc");
line 2 ne "abc" and y a same Object.but before y should have "String".
line 3 ne x + y has a new Object