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Recent posts by Akshay Kiran

15 years ago
Hey Vinny,

do let me know how you go about doing it. I have a voucher and need to download the assignment too.


"Indian.Registrations@thomson.com" <Indian.Registrations@thomson.com>
dateOct 12, 2007 3:28 PM
subjectRE: [Urgent] [Customer Grievance] Unable to register for the exam!

Dear Candidate,

Thank you for contacting Prometric.

Please be informed that the BETA exam is only available for a period of time and for the limited number of seats.

Also be informed that we are unable to register any further candidates for the BETA exam as the slots are completely full.

For further clarifications, you may contact SUN who2contact@central.sun.com

Candidate Services (India)/CT

this is what I got!

Originally posted by Aaron Raja:
Common Priteshaa!!!
You are asking some unethical stuff I think!
Common try to understand! HFEJB is the best book written so far for SCBCD as you know by Kathy and Bert!
They are helping so many people passing the test and learning what EJB is !!!
And you want some one give you summary of the book as a note!
Common give me break!
Will you work for free? I hope not so you got to pay some one's hard work right? So you need to buy the book! They must have spent numerous hours of day and night to complete this book! So we need appreciate their hard work so we need to compliment them by buying the book not asking for note!
Try to understand!
If you thinking to write a test you must afford it! As a Java programmer you should and you can afford this book no matter which company or country you are in!!!
Common! You can do it! Good luck for test!

Aaron Raja
SCJP 1.4
SCWCD 1.4 (on the way)

I think you should reserve your intelligent comments until you understand what exactly is being asked for.
She's asking for notes made while using the book.
how do you know she doesn't have the book? maybe she's read it too.
so relax.

Here are notes prepared by Java Black Belt guys that I used for my SCBCD.
Excellent notes that can be used along with the book.
Also, go through the appendices of "Enterprise Java Beans 2.0" by Richard Monson Haefel. It has excellent diagrams and tables that will ease you to remember things for the exam.
change the
ResultSet.. line to

boolean b= prepared_statement.execute() ;
think that should fix it.
Exactly the same problem here.
Shame on the NIIT people, I had registered with them on 26th and taken a date too, and today the lady calls up and says "sorry sir, we couldn't register it as the exam is not available in the list!"
I think we need to contact the certification manager in india.
This is too much, how can we just let go an opportunity worth 20 grand?
I've been preparing for it on a company leave! What The ...

Can someone help?
Cross posting would be creating duplicate threads of this.
All I did was provide a reference to this thread from the other forums- how else do you expect this thread to get their attention?
If you map it to port 80, you won't need to use the port number as port 80 is the default port for the http requests.
16 years ago
Dear fellow aspirants,
This thread is exclusively to deal with object 5 of the exam

Section 5: Web Tier Technologies

5.1 State the benefits and drawbacks of adopting a web framework in designing a Java EE application
5.2 Explain standard uses for JSP and Servlet technologies in a typical Java EE application.
5.3 Explain standard uses for JSF technology in a typical Java EE application.
5.4 Given a system requirements definition, explain and justify your rationale for choosing a web-centric or EJB-centric implementation to solve the requirements. Web-centric means that you are providing a solution that does not use EJBs. EJB-centric solution will require an application server that supports EJBs.

Please comment freely on each of these subsections as this will ease preparation for all of us here.
I am also inviting experts from JSF, Struts, Spring & other frameworks forums to give us their 2 cents to $2m worth of ideas.

What I'm expecting here-
1. Thoughts on the objectives- what problems does (your) X framework solve?
2. Benefits of using X over the rest
3. Shortcomings of using X (contexts in which your framework would be unsuitable)
4. Links to relevant short resources (short because we really don't have time left for the exam

And yeah although the objective is "web-tier technologies", you can probably only see JSF and EJB. Sun standards, Sun exam. But we really value your thoughts on any framework.

thank you!
some interesting comments here-
might throw more light, but can't be too sure about their validity.
very valuable information Paul, thank you very much.
Sorry for my ignorance- but is Resin J2EE compliant?
I browsed through their site but see no mention of J2EE compliance.
So much help might not come from people who have NOT used it.
What I'm guessing is, maybe you've committed the response before you do the redirect? and resin doesn't have a standard way of handling this?
or maybe it's with the naming conventions?
why don't you try naming it main.jsp and then redirect?
did you check the server logs? maybe it has logged an exception that you've missed?
play around, you should probably have a solution.
16 years ago
I think one thread is just enough dear you don't need three.
you can purchase a simulator at whizlabs.com
or try out the free mocks.
there is also one free exam in the cd accompanying the K&B book
Are you kidding?
You're charging a flat 75 GBP which is 153 USD- works out to be more expensive than the actual voucher.
Can't believe they charge 150 GBP in the UK