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Place the code snippets to complete the method which maps the purchaseorder instance to its XML representation using JAXB API.

public Node createXML(purchaseOrder po){
JAXBContext jc =JAXBContext.newInstance("purchaseorder")
Code Snippets

A. returnUnmarshallerHandler.getResult();
B. return result.getNode();
C. Marshaller m=jc.createMarshaller();
D. Object o =u.unmarshall(po);
E. Object order= (Object)po;
F. m.marshall(po,result);
G. DOMResult result =new DOMResult();
H. Unmarshaller u=jc.createUnmarshaller();

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[ October 19, 2006: Message edited by: Sunjeev Shetty ]
I am SCJP 1.4 certified.Will this simulator help me pass the 1.5 upgrade exam?
If you buy his quiz you get the printable notes as a bonus.
Hello Ganesan.Does epractizelabs have a test pass guarantee for part 1 like whizlabs .Do you offer full refund if one fails?
I have no commercial experience.I passed scjp,scwcd,scbcd by studying from books.Now I plan to give scea.I want to know if the exams provided by epractizelabs will ensure that I pass this certification.I have three months before I can start working and this time I want to use by studying for scea.
I am also preparing for my opinion it is more dificult than scbcd or scwcd.
17 years ago
Yes it can ..though scbcd helps a lot in preparation.
Thread one bear
thread two soot
17 years ago
Thread one: tall
thread two: solo
17 years ago
Is it possible to pass just by reading the notes from xyzws, mz study guide,whizlabs and blue prints.I find RMH not very easy to read after reading HF series for my scjp,scwcd,scbcd certifications..i do not have experience in developing web services.Any response is appreciated