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Recent posts by vijaya bacina

Hi all,
i have a search box in my site and as user enters word a dropdown with results gets updated and each result the search term is highlighted. for ex: user enters " tes m" the result will be

is there a easy way of doing this in java? regular expressions?
my current approch is using indexOf and replace which sometimes highlighting a in span tag if user enters a as search term.
Is it possible to compare the same html file with two different css files and see if any discrepencies happening with the other css.
basically we are redesigning the whole application but want to keep the old one up and running for a while. so the html in old app uses old css and the same html in new app uses other css. Is there a way to check if the new css making things funny.
Thanks. I understood what you mean. i will try to change my custom tag and see.
13 years ago

here javascript:var tag will create a java script variable and another tag will flush out all this kind of variables at the end of file.
getUrl tag will return url for the type passed.
Is there a way to make this work without using scriptlets?
13 years ago
I would appreciate if anybody shed some light on this.
We had 3 chained drop down boxes on a jsp meaning if we select option from box1, box2 populates. i used ajax:select tag for that. then after selecting all three options user clicks on submit and goes to results page. then hit the back button then only the first option was populated with other two grayed out/empty. user is expecting to see all the three values that he selected. i am not sure whether it would be even possible to do that. please clarify.
Hi all
Can any body shed some light on this.
I have convert a EXE to MSI file. What are comon methods to do this? are there any preffered softwares that you recommend?
14 years ago
in IE7 the mht format is default in the save dialog box. i think it may be annoying to user to select another format everytime they save.
is there a way to read mht file and get the content. I have seen "Chilkat java MHT library" in my google search. has anyone tried this library before?
Hi all
We had a requirement to export links to html. to acheive that we are showing the links as html in a popup and user has to do "save as" from the browser. The saved html will look like this.

but in IE there is an option Web Archive(mht) format also along with html. if users saves the html as mht format the html in it very different than normal. like
the problem is: we even had import functionality also which should take the exported links html and read the file and add to datbase. since the user saved the file in mht format. the program is reading link as 3Dlink1 etc.
how to make the browser not show mht format in the "save as" dialog. or do i have to make the import take mht formats also. does anybody gone through this situation?
Please advise.
When i use document.getElementsByName("select_all"), i see the value as undefined in firebug console. i think since the select_all checkbox is dynamically appearing on the page may be firefox is not recognizing it.
i changed it to document.getElementById() and it is working in bot IE and firefox. thought it might be usefull to someone
hi all
i am using ajax htmlcontent tag to dynamically display a table body with list of checkboxes. and a select all checkbox. but now the select all is not working.
here is the code for select all. iused prototype js .
we had a partner website who provided us a webservice to login to their site.
we will send credentials to the webservice and in return they will send us token if the credentials are valid. if they are invalid they will send us error codes.
so everytime user enter/change the credentials we are sending them to their webservice and getting back the token in return. Do you think there will be a limit in number of tokens to create on their side???
15 years ago
Here is my situation
each user of our application will have a set of credentials(username/password) saved in our database to login to a partner application appB.
the credentials can be added for the first time user tries to login to the appB. thereafter user can update the credentials.
i am planning to make the credential class singleton since i need only one instance per user.
is the singleton pattern creates one instance for all users or one instance of credential per user?? please suggest