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The URL looks wrong, compare it to one of ours,
url = jdbc racle:thin:@ibms1:xxxx:dev3
where @ibms1 is the host server
xxxx is the port number
dev3 is the service name or sid
We do not include username and password since that is validated elsewhere but the form would be url - user - password.
Hope this helps

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19 years ago
Maybe the point here is that the Dialog is taking a long time to actually arrive on the screen once the button is clicked, is this the case?. If so, it is the event not the button that is the root of the problem.
19 years ago
One of our product range is a graphical scheduler for TV programme schedulers and planners. What ( more precisely) are your requirements?.
19 years ago
Try this link for a long list of java (and other languages) topics.
Hope there is something there for you.
19 years ago
What are you using as a parent frame?. What are the 3 frames based on?. This sounds like a lightweight/heavyweight issue.
19 years ago
I've asked this before elsewhere but didn't get any helpfull answers. Maybe John can help me out.
Are there any real benefits in replacing Enumerations with Iterators in existing code. The Collection type is vector (which was retrofitted into the collections Api). The Api docs strongly recommend moving from Enums to Collections but doesn't say why.
I am aware of the increased functionality that Iterator provides but am more interested in any performance/resource issues that would justify the change.
Best Wishes
19 years ago
I'm probably wrong but don't you have to set the content pane and add all your bits to that and then attach the listeners. As an alternative you could extend MouseMotionAdaptor rather than implement MouseMotionListener.
19 years ago
I remember reading that the Swing components in JDK1.3 were supposed to have improved performance but I can't claim that I noticed any significant difference.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Prashanth menon:
Heres an update. FOr those who wanted to know about an IDE for java I think Visual Cafe 4.0 is a good tool. If you think that java applications on JVM are too slow you may also create win32 executables using this IDE( if you are using windows). Some bugs are yet to be fixed. The patches should be out very soon.

We beta tested v4 expert edition for Webgain, over 6 months ago when they first acquired the product from Symantec and we are still waiting for bug fixes and source cds. Our current version 4.1 does not appear to want to work well with JDK1.3 tools.
19 years ago
Does anybody have any real reasons to prefer Iterators over Enumerations? For instance, are they quicker or less expensive to execute. I know about the advantage of the remove method and wondered if there was any other good reason to make the change.
Thanks in advance
19 years ago
Hi Harjinder
Be aware that not all of swing is lightweight, there are still some heavies in there, notably JFrame, JDialog, JWindow and I think JApplet.
19 years ago
We just migrated our very large app from 1.2.2 to 1.3.1 without to much trouble. Points to watch (for us anyway) were the changes to BackingStore (now deprecated) for scrollpane and changes to JTable when using the TableColumn.getHeaderRenderer which now returns null.
There is plenty of useful info in the docs under the Guide sub-directory.
19 years ago
A good place to start would be the Java Tutorial. There is a trail called "Creating a GUI with JFC/Swing" which has a section
on Layout Managers.
There are also some articles on
Good Luck
19 years ago
All of the above leads me to several conclusions.
Flexi-time (which we enjoy) is pretty much incompatible with XP.
Working from home is a no-no.
Developers with external (non-work) responcibilties (familly, life etc) stand out like sore thumbs if they stick to a 40 hour week when other team members stay late every night.
Don't misunderstand, I would like to try XP but my own circumstances would be at odds to the method immediately. My day begins at 6.00 am and I leave at 16:00 because this arrangement suits my personal circumstances (I have an autistic son who needs my attention). Since I can only change this arrangement for exceptional circumstances how do I pair program or restrict myself to 40 working hours. Do I expect the rest of the team to fall into line with my hours.
Nearly all of our developers have to travel\work remotely or work from home when practicable so they are not going to appreciate being office bound.
Okay I know that my situation is not the norm but there are a lot of developers whose circumstances are similarly 'not normal'and XP would seem to expose them unfairly. Maybe the difficulties with reviews\evaliations is a benefit in these cases.
I'm not sure that is true.
Although our circumstances make it nigh on impossibe to adopt XP I was thinking that the project leader has additional duties matching and rotating pair teams, or at least monitoring progress. On a large project someone, centraly, still has to have "the big picture". I know that sounds very "anti-XP ish" but I would hold it to be true.
The expansion of user stories into release plans will need validation/sign off regardless of the credo, just for protection of both parties so again an authority figure is needed.
I'm sure that other aspects e.g. System Metaphor, Spikes, Project Velocity will also need some supervision.
I wish we could give it XP a try here, but it just don't fit, shame.