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Recent posts by Jaspreet Singh UK

document-literal - pass xml documents that reciever sees as xml
procedure-encode - pass xml complex types that are marshalled to java objects for you on the reciever side ..

I was wondering .. mainly out of curiosity what the going rate for a J2EE developer / architect is in india? Around Delhi, Chandigarh area
20 years ago
Well no problems with test (from a crashing on dnd questions point of view). Some of it was dead easy and other bits were dead hard ..
As suggested I recommend looking heavily into
EJBQL (atleast 5+ question on this .. one in which I had no clue)
Also watch the structure of sentences in the questions .. this will lead to some confusion at times ..
Otherwise I quite enjoyed it and hope I pass ..
PS Man the spec is dry .. I couldnt read it ..
Does any one know when Joes' notes for Weblogic 7 will be available (eps Joe himself ).
Congrats to Sai.
Ikram looking at that operationbadar site I noticed that the founder seems to have done about 3 Masters Degrees all at the same place in the same year whilst teaching there aswell!!! Quite an achievement!
21 years ago
Well I passed .. only dropped 4 marks.
I had issues with two questions!
1) Had two right answers .. but only 1 could be right .. but since the question was theory type question I suppose the answer was subjective!
2) Another question about servlet-mapping and the question asked "which one of these is correct?" - from what I could see .. 4 were correct and 1 was wrong!!! what gives .. ?
Anyway . for preparation I used
1)SCWD Exam Study Kit . only book needed
4)Some notes from the FAQ section ..
21 years ago
If I have to following servlet-mapping!
Which of the following are forwarded to the pdfservlet?
a) http://someserver:8080/mydoc.pdf
b) http://someserver:8080/some/directory/mydoc.pdf
c) http://someserver:8080/pdf/mypdffile
I would say a) and b) .. is my thinking correct ..

Originally posted by Simon Brown:
Thanks for the compliments...

Hey Simon, Looking on your site I noticed you spoke at javaone2002 about certification! I was wondering appros how many people put their hands up for each certification?
Well I've done it a bit back to front.
Recently completed my SCJEA and had some down time at work. So started on SCJWCD just because work was going to pay for it and I thought I really do need to brush up on the whole servlet/jsp thing and heck why not. Well I take my exam later this week and then I should have both. Problem is the down time has evaporated and I'm having to cram during breaks and lunch and evenings now!
The exam seems to focus on remembering alot of details so I'm sat at my desk with some flow charts showing JSP custom tags in action and listings of DTDs ..
But I must say some things I've learnt on the way will be invaluable for example ..
1) Why I kept getting IllegalStateException
2) What these Realms are all about
3) How these freeking tag libraries work :roll:
[ July 17, 2002: Message edited by: Jaspreet Singh UK ]
The book is good and the 2nd edition does cover some of the 2.3 spec (although it states draft version on the cover). I only picked this book up when I was really confused about some issues ie Form based security, distributable web app .. and it helped. Its an ideal reference if you are going to be programming servlets.
For JSP forget it! The books useless, I think Jason Hunter is well known for his dislike of the JSP programming model and it shows in his book 25 pages i think in total.
I recommend you buy the SCWD Exam Study Kit. It got all the answers you need!
[ July 17, 2002: Message edited by: Jaspreet Singh UK ]
just email JWeb+ tech support and they will send you all the examples!
yeah .. i got a tip.
I had done a mock exam and it expected you to know things like what a 301 meant! Which I did not memorise.
Also you were expected to know things like the following ..
200 - Everythings ok
300 - redirection
400 - client error
500 - server error
I was wondering does the real exam expect you to know this .. because it not stated in the objectives!
How much should I concentrate on things like
HTTP response codes for the exam?
How much do we need to know about listeners?