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Karu Raj

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since Aug 31, 2005
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Recent posts by Karu Raj

I meant parametric polymorphism why is it important to have it
9 years ago
In the designing a language is it required to include parametric polymorphism? What would be your justification for your decision?
9 years ago
what are the RFE evidence could be ?

i am graduated in BE - Mechanical from bangalore , also gave certificate of it

working in satyam for past 3yrs (this is my first company)
17 years ago
hi all
what is RFE ?
as my case for L1B work permit is RFE

what will happent with that

will my case for work permit be rejected ?

what should i do now and take care of please let me know

if my company sends information to USCIS how long it takes again for approval of work permit
17 years ago
Hi Madhu

as i have my case number and i do check the status in online which shows as "case recieved and pending"

there is no message as RFE is sent .........
17 years ago
please do reply
17 years ago

My company has applied for me L1B work permit individual (Regular)
the case was already registered on April 17th and i recieved the case number which i check in online for status.

most say it takes 3-4weeks to get approval status .

but mine almost 10 weeks over which is nearing 3months.still is pending with USCIS

please let me know why is such long delay ?
what i need to do ?
[ July 06, 2007: Message edited by: Karthik Rajashekaran ]
17 years ago
but i dont know which are the fortune 500 companies in bangalore or which companies that pay big for datawarehousing

coz iam getting 3lacs per annum which is merely less than fresher

if any one of know please let me know
17 years ago
dear javaranchers

please reply me
17 years ago
hi all

i am having 3+yrs of exp in datawarehousing and testing in MNC compnay
i felt there is no much demand in the market with skills

i have done SCJP with 85%
but i have no work exp in java let meknow what should i do ???
are there any sample which i can gian some exp knowledge and jump to other company ?


[ July 01, 2007: Message edited by: Karthik Rajashekaran ]
[ July 02, 2007: Message edited by: Karthik Rajashekaran ]
17 years ago
Please let me know for opportunities in Datawarehousing. I am having 3+yrs of experience.
Let meknow companies in bangalore that has Datawarehousing career and i can get 7+lacs per annum

kindly request you all to reply to me

thanking you
17 years ago
there are many companies which recruits freshers , most MNC does it.(Many MNC recruits every quarter for the freshers)
But you need to find out that...
17 years ago
also once getting the work permit
what is the time frame to get the visa ???
17 years ago
My L1B work permit is been submitted by my company to Attorney.
its been 22days i still have not got the status of it

please let me know how long will it take to know the status
17 years ago

17 years ago