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Recent posts by Vijay Chouhan

Hello All,

Happy New Year to everyone. I am not sure if it has been answered before in this forum.

The serialization mechanism does not work if the first non-serializable superclass does not have a no-args constructor. Probably because without it, the JVM has no way of creating an object while deserializing.

However it works fine if you are using Externalization. Could someone throw some light on why so?

I hope my question makes sense.
15 years ago
If you don't need to start earning right away, IIT would be a better option. Although doing Masters from an IIT is no way comparable to the B.Tech, still it has got some good value.

Couple of other things to ponder. What kind of organizations are you interested in working? If you are keen on becoming a team leader 3 years down the line in your career, may be you are more interested in joining the big service companies. In that case joining the IIT might not be of any use and you would be better off taking up that job now.

On the other hand, if you are loooking for a more technology oriented job where you have less chances of managing projects/people and more chances of doing good technical work , do go for the IIT.

Hope that helps..
15 years ago

If you have not signed any papers, you should look after your interests, but communicate your decisions quickly and tactfully.

I don't know about other geographies, but in India, when you accept an offer ( or commit to an offer), you do so by signing the offer letter and returning it back to the company.
15 years ago
On the face of it, Business Analyst seems to be a better option. However you should find out clearly what does this role actually involve and how does it map to your skillset.

This might come handy:
15 years ago
When I was living in NJ back in 2004, the minimum duration for lease was 6 months. I do not remember seeing any apartment where they offered 3 month lease. But there might be some depending on the area you are looking in.
16 years ago
Getting back money from a bodyshopper incase your Visa application is rejected will be tough even if you are based in India.

Do you think if you are in India you will go and file a suit against them? Given the expenses involved in this and the state of Indian legal system, you would probably think about just forgetting the whole thing.

Morale of the story: If you pay money to a bodyshopper, keep in mind that there is a significant chance that you will never get it back even though you dont get the H1B.
16 years ago

I was thinking of implementing a file based persistent store in Java. I can write the contents of the Objects to a file on the disk. I can dump 100 objects (e.g., for 100 employees) to a file. However how do I read one of the object (for a particular employee) back?

For example if I want to change the data for an object, how can I retrieve the object and replace it in the file.

I hope my question makes sense. In terms of databse terms, Create is fine, but how do I perform Read/Update/Delete?

Couple of options that comes to my mind are:
- create a different file for each object
- retrieve the data for all objects, deserialize them and subsequently persist them again after performing the relevant operations

But both of them are not efficient and have drawbacks.
I hope my question makes sense. Will be thankful for any suggestions/pointers.
16 years ago
Sun organizes the "Tech Days" events around the world. This year it will be taking place from Feb 27-29 in Hyderabad. It is a nice event to attend and you will meet many Sun employees. You might pass your resume to them as well :-)
16 years ago
As others have said, one year experience is less for the US market. Generally the consulting positions require much more experience then this.

You might get your H1-B approved and you might as well find a client. But be prepared to live at a salary of 45-50K and for things like short assignments, tweaking your CV etc. etc.

Ultimately you will be on the mercy of the body shopper as I donot think you will be able to find a perm position with this experience.

These are just my perception of things and I might be wrong here. May be others can shed more light on this.
[ January 31, 2008: Message edited by: Vijay Chouhan ]
16 years ago
Very few service companies can offer you a significant hike over your current package as it is beyond the salaries they generally offer. This company is probably stretching it's ranges and is trying to match your current salary to get you onboard. If you are really keen on joining a service company, I think you should consider taking this offer.

However there might not be any good salary increments in store for you for next couple of years. And an international assignment can be a mirage. You might travel within first few months of joining or you might have to wait for a couple of years. A lot depends on the project you join and the manager you report to.

Hope that helps :-)
16 years ago
Noida is definitely cheaper than Bangalore. The infrastructure like roads etc. are much much better then any other metro in India. Streets are way less crowded than those of Bangalore/Pune/Mumbai. Plenty of quality accomodation is available at affordable price.

The downside is power is not reliable. The streets are not as safe as Pune/Mumbai.

Ultimately every choice has it's own advantages and disadvantages. One chooses according to what matters to him/her most.
16 years ago
If you are in Bangalore your best bet will be IIMB's PGSEM. It is a part time program but it has got an good image and the effort should be worth it. If you are in NCR you can opt for IIML's WMP which is a 3year part time MBA program.
16 years ago
Get your passport stamped for the H1 visa. Go to UK. You can decide during October-November and based on your decision you can fly to US from the UK itself.
16 years ago
How are the notebooks from Gateway? Are they as good as ThinkPads/Sony notebooks or they are like the mass market Dell laptops? Are they reliable and good value for money?

16 years ago
Hey thanks a ton Radha.. You've solved my problem.