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Recent posts by Leticia Barbalho


I have a report with 3 subreports. I have a List for the main report, and one List for each of the 3 subreports. The list of my main reports is just a list of years, eg: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013...

So far so good. The problem is that I'm not finding the right way to group them.

I need to group them in a way that each subreport shows the data relative to the year in question in the main report. It has to go like this:

--> 2010
- Report 1, with 2010 data
- Report 2, with 2010 data
- Report 3, with 2010 data

--> 2011
- Report 1, with 2011 data
- Report 2, with 2011 data
- Report 3, with 2011 data

The problem is, when I put a group in the main report, it does not group the subreports. I set a parameter in the subreport (the year), coming out of the main report. I checked, and the parameter gets to the subreport ok, but the group doesn't work. It only groups the main report, and the subreports get all messy. It is showing like this:

--> 2010
- Report 1, with data from all years
- Report 2, with data from all years
- Report 3, with data from all years

--> 2011
- Report 1, with no data
- Report 2, with no data
- Report 3, with no data

It also doesn't work when I group inside the subreport.... it makes it go like this:

--> 2010
- Report 1 with data from 2010
- Report 1 with data from 2011
- Report 2 with data from 2010
- Report 2 with data from 2011
- Report 3 with data from 2010
- Report 3 with data from 2011

--> 2011
- Report 1 with no data
- Report 1 with no data
- Report 2 with no data
- Report 2 with no data
- Report 3 with no data
- Report 3 with no data

I'm starting to think I'm gonna have to chance the whole structure to make it work. And I don't even know what I'm gonna change it to.

How can I do what I want?

Thanks in advance
13 years ago
Hello guys,

I am finding the error "Cannot find FacesContext" while running my JSF webapp. I googled it and found that in most cases the error is regarding web.xml, right? Well I'm posting this because I think that is not my problem.

I start to prepare an application.. and I fix its web.xml and faces-config.xml. I add the necessary libs. Then, I write an index.jsp with only HTML contento on it. It runs ok.
But then if I change this jsp to one that has calls to JSF tags and it gives me the Cannot Find FacesContext error.

Will anyone help? Below go my files:



The simple fact of putting a "<%@ taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsf/core" prefix="f" %>" line in the index.jsp causes the error.
Is it the right line to include? Is the http address correct?

Oh. And I have the following libraries added:
- commons-beanutils.jar
- commons-collections.jar
- commons-digester.jar
- commons-logging.jar
- jsf-api.jar
- jsf-impl.jar
- jstl.jar

Is there something wrong? hehehe
18 years ago
Hello guys,

I need to call an webservice that is in an address like this: http://www.address.com/service.cfm

I used to use it in a jsp, in a form, doing something like: <form action="http://www.address.com/service.cfm"> ...

The problem is that now I cannot use a jsp. I want to call it from the servlet (sending and receiving the parameters).. without any jsp.

Can someone show me how?

18 years ago
Hey everyone,

I have a report created on iReports, and I wanna present it on my browser in my web app. The problem is I need to add a barcode in a specific point of this report. This barcode is being generated correctly, using class BarcodeInter25 of iText.

The problem happens when I'm gonna insert this barcode in the existing report in runtime. I tried it two ways:

First way:

In this first attempt, I use PdfImportedPage to import the page from my existing pdf and put it in my new report. But it it not working: the report shows only with the barcode, it hasn't imported the file I pointed.

Second way:

In this second attempt, I try to open the pdf directly in my document and write the image on it with pdfwriter. The code is normally interpreted and it gives me no error, but when it tries to open the pdf of the screen, it doesn't open. The screen remains gray, like if it was forever loading.

The documentation I'm using comes mainly from here:

I accept any kind of help on ways to do it

Thanks in advance
18 years ago
Hello everyone,

I'm having this weird problem with JasperReports. I have a web application that generates reports in the default way (showing it on a swing window). I tested it on the server and it was working just fine.
Then, I went to one of the client machines to test the reports. I clicked on the link, no error showed, like if things were working just fine, but the report did not open. I kept trying, when I realized, astonished, that the report windows were opening on my server machine, and not on the client machine I was requesting them from!
Has anyone seen this happen? I suppose it's because of some wrong settings or stuff.
Here's how I call my reports:

My server runs on a SUSE Linux 9.3 box, and all client machines run Windows XP.
I'm using java 5.

Thank you all for helping.

ps.: Sorry if this isn't the right forum. I just didn't find one that fits.
18 years ago
Thank you very much for the help, but it did not solve it

Is there any other configuration?

18 years ago
Hello everyone,

I use struts and I have an action that redirects to the same page where it came from. Here it goes:

In Firefox, it works just fine. In IE it doesn't. The action executes correctly but the page is not reloaded. If I click on it and choose "Reload" on the pop up menu, I'll see the changes made. But I wish it would reload by itself. Someone would know how?
18 years ago
Hello guys,

I'm getting the following error:

The thing is that I'm not finding where the error is exactly. Here comes my code:

What am I doing that I should not do? What's so wrong? For as far as I know that's the only way of doing what I want. And I still don't see my error.

Anyone could help? Thanks
18 years ago
Hello everyone,

I have a webapp that uses treeview from struts-layout. It is working perfectly and I'm happy with it.
The thing is that now I was required to put small swf files on the treenodes. Each treenode would be a swf file, which is simply a box with the name of the system module, with some flash effects.

I'm trying to do it like this:

Not working, though. The swf appears up in the page, above the tree. And the tree appears normally below, with the texts.

Is there any way of making a swf file a node of the tree? That would be really good.

If that is not possible, is it possible to show images (like gifs) as treenodes, instead of the text? I tried to do it like this:

Also didn't work. Maybe there's any other tag required?

If you have done this before or know how to do is, please answer.

Thanks in advance.
18 years ago
Thank you Craig, it worked perfectly.

Jeff... relax man. If you keep getting nervous like this because of other people's code you'll get old pretty soon. Anyway, thank you very much.
18 years ago
Hello everyone,

I have a class that calls a drawImage. The thing is that it was supposed to be shown when the JFrame is shown, but it isn't. It is only shown after I hide it and show it again (like after I minimize it and minimize it back.

Can anyone help me here? I need it loading without nothing being done by the user.

Here goes my class:

18 years ago
Hello everyone

I wanna know how I can display an image at an specified (x,y) position. I'm totally lost in how doing it.

I have a bmp image of an arrow (which I could convert into bitmap or gif if needed) and I want to display it in an specified place. I have no idea how to do it.

Can someone show me the beginnings?

18 years ago
Hello guys,

I wanna open and display an HTML file in my app. I don't wanna open a browser, I wanna show it within my app.

I have searched and found this way:

Works fine for websites. But the thing is that I'm offline and I wanna open a local HTML file, not one in a site.
I've tried changing the path to: /home/me/path/myfile.html, but it gives me a MalformedURLException - no protocol.

How can I do to display local HTML files?

18 years ago
Hello everyone,

Can someone help me to find out what's this error, in hibernate?

My mpProducaoList is:

And my mapping, which is where I suppose the error is, is like:

What is wrong when setting the field?

[editied to improve formatting - Paul Sturrock]
[ January 19, 2006: Message edited by: Paul Sturrock ]
I'm having problems writing a part of a mapping. First of all, I have these mappings:

I'm trying to put into the second mapping (auge.bean.OrdemItens) a set of the first one. I've tried it this way:

But I get an error saying: Foreign key (FKC24B75B6576D388F:MPPRODUCAO [numeroOrdemItens,materia])) must have same number of columns as the referenced primary key (ORDEMITENS [numeroOrdemItens])

What's wrong? Thanks for the help