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Recent posts by Art Van Delay

In web.xml, <security-constraint> would it be correct to say:

* Leave off <http-method> means allow all
* Leave off <auth-constraint> means allow all
* Specifying element means allow one except for an empty element which means allow none.

Thanks in advnace.
Hello. Should the question:

"Given that a web application stores the webmaster email address in the servlet context initialization parameter called master-email. Which retrieves that value?"

Be "... in the application context initialization parameter ..."

because the EL implicit object initParam (which is the answer) is not for servlet init parameters.

Thanks in advnace.
But... apparently I'm getting a equalling true in the ejbFindByPrimaryKey() method. So it does find a row in the database.

I'm just wondering what could be the cause of getting this error:

Basically I got an entity bean with a composite primary key that I'm trying to implement ejbFindByPrimaryKey() with two tables for the one bean using BMP.

Thank you very much in advance.
Hi, I've been studying for the web component dev cert using the HFSJ book.

I'm just wondering what is the difference between BodyTagSupport and TagSupport when TagSupport can still evaluate the body by returning EVAL_BODY_INCLUDE?

Thanks in advance.
[ September 05, 2005: Message edited by: rusty angus ]