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Recent posts by Bhavna Jharbade

Hello friends,

Thanks Connie & Ganesh for the clarifications.

Please help me for Ques 22,55& 63 also.

Thank you.

Originally posted by Felipe Pittella:
Hi folks,

"Servlet A" forwards to "Servlet B", wich includes "Servlet C", wich forwards to "Servlet D", wich includes "Servlet E".

"A -> B <- C -> D <- E"

When "Servlet A" is requested , wich servlets might contribute to the final response??

have fun yourselves...let�s discuss it.


Hi all
A forwards to B =>response has contents of B
B includes C => response has both B & c
C forwards to D => response will have D
D includes E => response will have D & E

So i think final response will include D & E.

Please correct me if i am wrong.

Thank you
Hi all,

Please clarify my following doubts frm the mentioned exam:

Q19. In option D how come "name" variable is stored as request parameter?

Q22. Why option D is not a correct answer?

Q47. wht does option C means:"A session may become invalid as a result of a specific call by a servlet."

Q55. How option B is correct?

Q63. Why line 4 will not generate error?

I hope thats not too much for you all....
If anyone( probability is very low) does not have HFSJ..i will post the specified questions.

Thanks in advance.
Hi all

I think the bean will be first searched in all the 4 scopes. If it is not present in any of the scope it will create one in page scope.

Correct me, if i am wrong.

Thank you

Originally posted by Felipe Pittella:

1-is Member allowed to access to "/MyPath/MyServlet" resource via *POST* ??

2-is Admin(role not speficied for that web-resource) allowed to access to
"/MyPath/MyServlet" resource via *GET* ??

3- is Admin(role not speficied for that web-resource) allowed to access to "/MyPath/MyServlet" resource via *POST* ??

Hi all,

I agree with Connie. Answers are

1) yes
2) No
3) Yes
Hi Subha,


U mentioned that u used the mock exams in jdiscuss, so how close u find them to the actual exam.And on an average how much u scored in those(jdiscuss) exams.
Hi again...
just forgot to ask a question, u mentioned u had many questions on Design they were all from the 6 patterns mentioned in HFSJ, or a few others were also there.

Congrats again.
Hey Gab,

Hi Felipe,Gab and others

I too found the things mentioned by Gab....but when I saw Felipe's response

I thought may be i have old specifications.

So Felipe please clear Gab and my doubt.

Thank you.
Hi Felipe

Can u please send me the link for new specifications.

Or else u can mail them to me, my id is

Thank you
Hi Felipe
Thanks for that explanation.
hi all

please help me to find the correct answer to the following:

1) Does the order of elements in web.xml matter??

2)<taglib> element comes directly under <web-app> or it�s a sub element of <jsp-config>?

Hi all,
Felipe, Narendra & Santosh can u all please explain the options which u think are right. Because i am unable to understand the options itself.

Thanks in anticipation.
Hi Friends,
Please help me in the following question

Consider the following description of a tag in a TLD:

Replaces emoticons such as , , and with images.

Which of the following statements regarding the above tag are correct?

Select 2 correct options.

1) It is an empty tag.

2) It may be used as an empty tag.

3) It must have a body.

4) It must implement BodyTag interface.

5) It may take an attribute named 'name'. But if present, its value must be dynamic.

According to me only option 2) is correct, but the mock exam says that options 2)n 4) are correct and the explanation for option 4) it gives is:
Since the body-content is tagdependent, it must implement the BodyTag interface.

I dont know any such relation between body-content and BodyTag....
Anyone please correct me if i am wrong.

Thanks in advance.