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Recent posts by Raj kalaria

Thanks Amit,

We have tried the focus function, but it seems it does not work all the time. if there a way to do some focusing when we flushing the content as PDF on the servlet side?

I would like to correct my information on our enviornment, we are using IE 8.0 and not IE 7.0 (As I had mention earlier) and Acrobat Reader X

10 years ago
I have a Java Class, which has a Java Script function which makes an HTML form and then submits it to an action URL. I want to ensure that the URL always open on the top of my calling window. As of now, some times it is displaying behind the calling page.

I am using internet Explorer IE 7.0
The Code is as follows Class 1:

The URL "strServerURL" is a Servlet: and it reders out a PDF Document to the User, which is displayed within the IE
The Following servlet is called, after the above class is executed.
Servlet 2:
ServletOutputStream outStream=response.getOutputStream();
FileInputStream inStream = new FileInputStream(pdf);
BufferedInputStream inBuf = new BufferedInputStream(inStream);

/*Send output file to Client*/
/*Display PDF in the browser*/
response.setHeader("content-disposition","inline; filename=output.pdf");

/*Display PDF in Acrobat/Reader */


int readByte=0;


//Cleanup temporary files

What should I do to make sure that PDF is always displayed in front of the calling screen and not behind.

10 years ago
I am completely new in IText and am totally confused as where to start from.

I have one issue. The Code is written by some one else and I am trying to understand the code.
Here is the snippet of the code


How does the measuring of the co-ordinates takes place in Itext. For Instance, if i need to modify the co-ordinates to new position, how can i get the correct off set value?
textLeft.setTextMatrix(160, 694)
I have one frame in which i have a Jlist box.
the AllGroupList populates some user name dynamically.
Now i have a edit button for that Jlist box.
The edit button will open a dialog.
The dialog will have two list box and search button to search new users so we can add users.
1) AvailableGrp_list
2) currentgrpmembership_listbox

currentgrpmembership_listbox is filled up when i call the dialog(by passing frame list model)

AvailableGrp_list is filled up by the search criteria

My problem is that when ever i add an element in the dialog from AvailableGrp_list to currentgrpmembership_listbox it gets added but at the same time the element also gets added in parent frame list AllGroupList.

why is it so?
Is this the correct way to pass a list from one frame to other dialog if we need the dialog to be initialized by a list from calling frame?

Once the user selects the users to be added, i want to load my AllGroupList(present in frame) with currentgrpmembership_listbox (which the user will upadte from dialog) can some one help in that also?

Frame code

Dialog Code

[ November 14, 2008: Message edited by: Raj kalaria ]
[ November 14, 2008: Message edited by: Raj kalaria ]
15 years ago
I have a frame and in the frame i have three tabs

In one of the tab i have button which when click should call the dialog, but
for some reason the dialog is not opening. here is the code
I am using netbeans

I am not sure if i am passing correct reference to the dialog while creating
the instance.

Parent Frame (name of the class is Usertab)

Dialog Code
15 years ago
i have one frame and it contains labels and text boxes to create a new user
one of my label field is to select a group.I want to provide a functionality where the user will click on button (say search next to the label) and a new dialog will
open and user can search on his criteria and then select the group. Once he selects the group and close the dialog, i want text box in the calling component(frame) to be filled up with the selected value.

can some one help me out and provide some example code
15 years ago

I am new to Jtable and experiencing a hard time to achieve following thing.

I have two pane One pane has the Search buttong and below it i have 2nd panel
which will hold the result.

I want to show the result in table ( due to my limited knowledge on swings, i can only think of showing in table as of now).
So i want to create the table at run time

I am trying following thing
1) i am trying with some hard code values but my table is not getting displayed in the panel
2) later i want to fill up my table with the rows fetch from Database

I am really struggling any help with code would be appreciated

15 years ago

I have a frame and inside the frame i have two panels
Search Panel
New User Panel

In my search panel, I want to provide two search fields.
In the same panel i want to display my results also

My results can be 200 to 300 rows, I dont want it to display in one page, Is there a way in Java swings to display the results page wise within the same panel?

Or Do i have to Use Table to display the results.

Kindly suggest some ideas.

15 years ago
It is not an applet,

This swing application talks to a tool Called 'Documentum' (A content Mangement tool). In order to access the Documentum and then to manipulate Data within Documentum we need a session.

I am trying to write a small stand alone utility which will connect to Documentum in frame 1 and in frame 2 and frame 3 it will perform certain functionality and for that we need session.
15 years ago

I am trying to build a swing application and now i need to maintain session for the connected user.

How do i pass my session from one frame to another. Can some one please throw some light
15 years ago
thanks maneesh,
I tried to change the lay out, but it is giving me a hard time.
can you look at my code and suggest, so that i can pick it up from there

15 years ago
I am stuck up in my Gui design for Swings

I have three panels in my frame
panel 1 will have the symbol(the symbol is on Right Hand Side)
Panel 2 has one lable, two radio button and one file chooser button

panel 3 has a group of check box button

Now initially panel 3 is invisible, once the user selects one of the radio button(New User) from panel 2 it will be visible. if the user select other radio button (Profile user) the panel becomes invisible

My problem is that when i test my application, Panel 2 is takes the space of itself and panel 3, when i press one of the radio button panel 3 becomes visible and the frame looks good(as iwanted) but when the user press another button (profile user) the panel 3 is invisble, but once again panel 2 takes the entire place of frame
and UI looks bad.

I am using NetBeans IDE ( so it takes GroupLayout by default)

Please throw some light so i can try something.
15 years ago
thanks, I was referring to that, but was not able to do it till i posted it.
but later on i managed.but anyway i appreciate your feedback
15 years ago
Finally i had to post this question, it might be very basic, but tried a lot without luck

Can some one have tutorials for using File Chooser in Netbeans IDE. ( I tried my self but i am not able to do it)

I am trying to create the interface by Netbeans which will help me browse a file

File: [text field ] button to browse

I want my file chooser to load when i click the button,

I tried to include the file chooser by dragging from the pallate to the frame but then it takes up the entire place and it seems that i get lost than

If some one can show me (pictorial way), I would be really obliged
15 years ago

I trying to develop a small swing application,
I have two frames one frame is loggin screen and the 2nd frame is a simple frame with contain a form

The login frame will have an "Ok" button and once the "Ok" button is clicked, I want my 2nd frame (which is form) to display.
I have written that piece of code, but want to make sure i do it correctly

Name of frames
1)Login Frame

This is the Action code of the Ok button present in Login Frame
private void jButton1ActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) {
System.out.println("Ok Button Pressed");
UserConnectedFrameSuccess ucf = new UserConnectedFrameSuccess();


My concerns are
1) if one user passes the login screen is it advisable to completly close it or to hide it. Here is have hidden it becoz i did not know how to close the login fram and display the other frame.

I hope i have explained it nicely. Any help would be appreciated
15 years ago