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Recent posts by Kiev Gama

Hello everyone,

I've created a simple visual console to run scripts on JSR223 compliant engines.
The console can be easily added to any application and receive application objects as parameters that would be available to the script context.

It's open sourced and available at

The jar comes with a stand alone version.

I hope this is useful for you.

16 years ago
It was not clear to me also, since in my assignment there was no rule defined for 'primary key'.

If you are uncertain about anything, write that down on your choices document justifying why and what you did.

That's what I did. I can't tell if they took away points from my grade because of that, but I passed


Check your requirements in the instructions.html regarding the search.
What criteria has to be used?

Your findByCriteria API method says " any field value that begins with criteria[n]", but your GUI MAY (or may not) say EXACT criteria.

Write down what you took in consideration on your choices file that has to be delivered along with the code.

If your requirements file really include the occupancy field and does not say anything about an exact match, I guess it would be up to you to take a decision and justify it. If it is there and it says exact match, just parse the String criteria to an int and compare it with ==


General Con: 100 90
Documentation: 70 70
OOD: 30 30
GUI: 40 26
Locking: 80 80
Data Store: 40 40
Network Server: 40 30
Total: 400 366

Thanks to everyone in this forum for this great knowledge base that JavaRanch has become!
I got a lot of help with lots of posts where people had the same doubts that I had.


Kiev Gama

My GUI was really poor, but I don't know exactly what made me lose 10 points in the network server
17 years ago
I was not sure of what exactly was the "network server code". I see that it is meant to be the class that implements the java.rmi.Remote interface, not the particular class that has the "server code" (RoomsDAO) that deals with the Data.

So I thought I was violating the requirement because the same "server code" is responsible for dealing with the data in the server and alone modes. However, the network stuff is only in the RemoteServerAdapter.

Thanks for your opinion!

Best Regards,

Hi all,

I have a question about the non networked mode which says "not to use the network server code".

I'm deciding to use the following design on my server implementation:

Networked Mode:
GUI --> ServerAdapter (RemoteServerAdapter)--RMI--> RemoteRoomsServer --> RoomsDAO
Non-Networked Mode:
GUI --> ServerAdapter (LocalServerAdapter) --> RoomsDAO

There would be a factory for the ServerAdapter, which would get the correct implementation based on the mode (alone or server).

The RoomsDAO is the class that communicates with the Data class (which implements DBAccess). By using this approach, both networked and non-networked modes are using the "same code". However the second approach bypasses the network.

My question is:
Is my design compliant with the requirement below?

"The operating mode is selected using the single command line argument that is permitted. Architecturally, this mode must use the database and GUI from the networked form, but must not use the network server code at all. "

Thanks in advance,

Kiev Gama