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Recent posts by Vijay Gopal Varadarajan

Hi all,
In my jsp page i use displaytag for search results. Pagination works fine but i want to disable the pagination (i mean to display all the records in the same page itself). I have a "Single Page" link. On clicking that link, the pagination must be disabled. In the single page result, there will be a link "Paginate List" where pagination will be enabled.

I tried the following:

Could anybody please let me know how to do this?

Vijay V Gopal

13 years ago
Hi ranchers
In my project's search page i am using displaytag for search results. In one of the search result column, i need to have 8 icons for invoking certain process. so i was using multiple bean define ids in a scriplet "if" condition. based on the status code i need to enable/ disable certain icons. I have to check for 8 status code check in jsp and now i have included 8 if conditions in jsp which i think is not good practice. but the problem is that the JSP is not compiling as it gives bean id defined cannot be resolved.

Anybody please help me to overcome this problem. Is there any other way to avoid this scenario?

Thanks in advance.
13 years ago
Hi all,

I have a prototype having pure HTML. I want to convert the HTML files to Struts enabled JSPs. Could anybody please let me know any tools(free) available for conversion? You can even suggest the steps to convert if you dont know regarding the tools.

13 years ago
Hi Ranchers,

I ve a scenario here.

Im using struts 1.2 in my app. When i give search in the parent window, it will display the details in the display: table. Using a decorator im redirecting the control to open a new popup window. In the popup window, (after modifying the details)when i click save button, it has to do the following :
1.Call the save() action method in the popup windows action class.
2.Close the popup window.
3.Save the modification and shd display the message "saved successfully" in the parent window.
4.In the parent window it has to call the search() of parent window's action class automatically.

I used actionRedirect in the popup windows action class save().

ActionForward actionForward = mapping.findForward(Constants.REDIRECTSUCCESS);
actionRedirect = new ActionForward(actionForward.getName(),actionForward.getPath()+"?method=search",true);
return actionRedirect;

If anybody could find asolution it will be helpful for me..

14 years ago
Hi ,
Check only for Authorized Prometric Centres. I paid aroud Rs.5500/- only for SCJP 5.0.