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Recent posts by Kristian Jacobs

Hello Ranchers,

I am not sure that I am in the right forum but I will ask anyway.

I would like to implement deeplinks in my webapplication. I have a Sales detail .xhtml page
which I want to call when the user enters/or clicks the link:{id}

Do you guys know how I could implement such a thing?

Many thanks in advance and best regards,
3 months ago
Thank you for the advices Marcello!
3 months ago
Hello Marcello,

Is the book helps to understand algorythms better in depth vs. Breadth?

I belive yes, but how?

What is a good approach to really understand and learn algorythm deeply?

Good luck with your new book!
3 months ago
Thank you for your answers.

If it is too unreliable than it is fine.

Can I run a method which updates the database when the session is invalidated?
I am calling my code and explicitly invalidate the session when the user logs out with the Logout button on my application.

I was wondering where to put the same database update code when the server invalidates the session automatically after some time?
4 months ago
Hi! everybody,

I would like to clear session when user closes browser window by clicking
the "x" in upper right hand corner. Since this is a client side event, how
do I run server code when user clicks "x"?

What i want to do is that i have to set a flag in the database for the user who is going to log out and in the current scenario
i have to handle that also ,if he/she clicks on "X" in the browser window then also flag should be set in the database.

Please give me some idea.

4 months ago
I think the best book what I read in this field was Java server programming J2EE Edition from Wrox.

Originally posted by Lalit Sha:
Could anybody let me know the best books on EJB, Servles and JSP, Swing, JDBC, RMI/CORBA. I would like to buy these and would also like to know if these books would be available in india.