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Recent posts by Adam Kreiss

Sorry for the confusion.

I'm thinking about the j_username/j_password user auth functionality that most web servers offer. How would I go about passing the auth values in a request to the server?
13 years ago

Not positive this is the right forum but here it goes.

Does anyone have a good tutorial for accessing a web page via Java code where the page is secured with standard Java 2 security by the web server? Ideally I'd like to use Apache HttpClient to do so but haven't been able to find any good examples.

Thanks in advance
13 years ago
Yeah that's pretty much the conclusion I've come to as well. I was already contemplating pulling the interface for DOMHelper out and having a separate impl. This would fit in with that fairly well.
14 years ago
Hey folks,

I'm trying to test out some code that is wrapped in a try block. I'd really like to test out the two exception cases that could potentially happen but I'm not sure how because I don't have an easy way to create the error cases.

The method in question is included below. Basically it makes a call on another class to resolve an XPath query. The two catch blocks are used to wrap any XPath exceptions we get with a global exception (so the end-user doesn't have to know we're using XPath). Problem is the XPath query is a private final variable (i.e. not something passed in that I could change).

Does anyone have any ideas how you could test something like this?
14 years ago

Does anyone know of any good frameworks similar to hibernate that allow you to populate an XML document with data straight from a relational database (without an object layer in between)?

I know hibernate can do this but options are always nice.
Well there are a number of ways to do that. If you want the value to come from a specific subset of values, you can specify enumerations:

If your looking for a pattern in the tag that can be defined by a reg-expression, you can use a pattern:

Or probably the easiest way, you can specify a minLength that is greater than 0.

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to set up the mappings between a number of tables. I'd like to be able to retrieve them (or large sections of them) with one call to the database instead of one call for each relationship. Is there any way to get Hibernate to do this?


- Adam
Did you ever figure out a solution for this? I'm having a very similar problem on the same version of DB2 (scary huh? 3 years later...)
There is a property, hibernate.max_fetch_depth that you can declare in the XML config file. This doesn't seem to do the trick though. I've set it to 10 which should be more than enough and enabled outer-joins through the entire path of objects I need to traverse and it still comes back as null when I try to get a collection out of the second Employee.

Any other ideas? Or is there something I'm missing on this?

Hey everyone,

I'm not sure if I have something configured wrong or this is the correct behavior for Hibernate (I doubt it) but here it goes.

I have a table of employees. Each employee can be affiliated with another employee through an extra table containing information about how they are related.

So I have an Employee mapping with a <set...> of Relations. Each Relation has another Employee (different than the first) related to it in a <many-to-one...> relationship.

When I traverse this path, I can get the base Employee, from there I can get the relationship, from there I can get the second Employee but when I try to access any related data for that employee, it all comes back null. So it feels like it looses all the mappings to other tables the second time around.

Does anyone know if there is some property I need to set to get this to allow me to continue to traverse the data?


I'm trying to use the SAAJ libraries to implement a web service in WSADIE 5.1. Whenever I try to execute the service, I get an exception, Caused by:

Has anyone else had similar problems?
15 years ago
Hey all,

I'm trying to use the SOAP libraries in SAAJ. I have a working example running on Eclipse 3.2/WTP in Java 1.4 so I know it works.

However, I'm currently developing in WSADIE 5.1 with Java 1.4. Most of the calls work fine. However, whenever I call getSOAPBody on a SOAPMessage object, I get the following exception trace:

I am manually setting system properties for the SAAJ classes as follows:

I have used the reflection libraries to try to invoke the method (because yes, it shows up under reflection) and get an Invocation exception stating that the SOAPPart class does not implement the org.w3c.xml.Node class (not sure thats the right package but you get the idea).

I've tried reinstalling the Sun Web Services Developer pack version 1.3 to no avail.

Does anyone have any ideas about what I could do to figure this one out?
15 years ago
Thanks for the input. And believe me, I would love to go the Comparator or Linked paths but due to the way the data is coming in, I can't guarantee I'll be putting it in the Map in the correct order nor can I order them manually.

Thanks for the sample, thats what I'll be doing.
15 years ago
ActionErrors are used to display a single kind of message, an error message.

ActionMessages allow you to have other types of messages such as confirmation messages, completion messages, etc. in addition to the error messages.
15 years ago