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Recent posts by mo patel

If you have finished with the Mughal book, passed the exam and live in the UK. Why not sell me your book. email me with the price.
So using my current simple implementation is still the best way outside of using connection pools. To re-iterate my current way for each web connection
0) Enter servlet
1) Open DB
2) Read DB
3) Format to HTML
4) Close DB
5) exit servlet
23 years ago
Thats a good start, but anybody show me a simple example
23 years ago
If so are their any examples or URLs somebody can give.
A TFTP server is trivial to write in 'C' but with applet securities im not sure.
What about a TFTP client.
Im thinking of writing a file share program using a TFTPclient and TFTP server both implemented as one applet using some kind of file browser front end, is this feasible.
Am I allowed to use the reserved TCP/IP ports 0-1024.
Any good books on this subject
23 years ago
Currently I am opening ,then reading a simple odbc:jdbc db then formatting to html and finally closing the db from my servlet each time a connection is made to my servlet.
I know this is not efficent as opening the DB each time costs me 2 seconds and then reformatting another 2 seconds. What I would like to do is use persistance and have to avoid all this. But each time display the correct most up to data from the DB.
So how do I use persistancy?
Most importantly how do I keep my DB connection open, and avoid having to re-open, close ... between each new page access?
Would I have to read the DB to a structure (say a vector) and then if the DB has changed (how do I figure this out?) re-read to the vector.
23 years ago
Excellent idea
My own java skills I have a doubt with, but I still dont mind contributing in some way.
23 years ago
As uber Java advocates, why do you use a BB written in CGI perl etc. Come on surely Java would do much better job!
23 years ago
Acceptance speech...
Id like to thank my mom, my dad ....................... Mr Hayes my English teacher in class 10 at junior school........ timmy the dog ...................
I never really won any raffles in my life so this was great. I really did think it was a hoax mail message when I got the msg from carl so I reported him to
23 years ago
Whats ORION a dodgy ford car. Whatever it is I want those skills so I can charge an obscene amount

Originally posted by Frank Carver:
[B]I don't suppose it is the cause of your problem, but in general it is much easier to type and maintain if you use ' for quoting your attribute values. This is pewrfectly valid HTML and XML, and much easier to generate and process in Java:

Cheers frank my previous C background shines through with my code. Ive had Lots of problems with using the single quote so ive gone back to backslashing quotes etc.
The HTML is automatically brought in from Dreamweaver and then seded with the backslashes and quotes.
23 years ago
Please advice best debugging ide/tool for servlets
23 years ago
Increased the memory of the dos cmd the problems still there.
I increased the memory of the dos shell that runs startup.bat as Tomcats starts in another dos cmd shell I assume that the memory parameters are inherited (like UNIX). Is this safe to assume? If not how do I change the memory parameters of the running Tomcat cmd box.
23 years ago
Note this problem does not occur when I use Netscape as the browser.
23 years ago
Im planting HTML in out.println() for example ...
out.println(" <td height=\"42\"><font color=\"#FFFFFF\" size=\"2\"><img src=\"\" alt=\"Search RFCs by any term in the description\" border=\"0\"></font></td>");
.... more image stuff
However when the srvlet loads the page to the web pc, the servlet somtimes issues these errors...
2001-03-06 04:42:44 - Ctx( ): IOException in: R( + /images/search.jpg + null)
Connection aborted by peer: socket write error

On most images. However the images are in the images directory in ROOT on tomcat there names are exactly as they should be i.e case and spelling are correct. The images are even displayed correctly on the web page.
What does this mssg mean, and why does it not appear all the times.
23 years ago
Thanks done both things. I didnt particularly like changing my id as its the name I use almost every where, I know the "_" is frowned upon in Java better to Capitalise the second word. but hey thats not even the standard here.... Anyway

My real Question is how much memory do you recommend I give to DOS (cmd) boxes in WIN 2K. I will be carrying around large buffers of HTML inline codes, many hundreds of lines. Why the hell dosent Tomcat like the Auto setting for memory any way.
23 years ago