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Recent posts by Ramasubbhu Allur Kuppusamy

Originally Posted by Ankur Sharma :

or you can ask in Java Ranch Jobs Discussion.

Are you kidding?
Please take a moment to read the New Posting Guidelines in Jobs Discussion Forum. Mark would appreciate that...
17 years ago
Thanks Abhijit a lot, for your inputs.
I would appreciate if other fellow ranchers could also join this discussion.
17 years ago
Hi Rish,
Many thanks for your reply. She is going to relocate to Chennai.
Would you throw some light on why you recommend Business Analyst Career Path?
I appreciate your help and welcome others as well to join this discussion.
17 years ago
Hi All,
I am from India. A friend of mine is working as Business Analyst(Finance Vertical) with a small S/W Firm for the last 6 months, after completing education. She is set to relocate as she is getting married soon. As a result, she may not be able to continue with the same job. FYI : She is an MBA(Finance). She is equally inclined towards Finance and HR.
Given this background, which career path would be better, considering the opporunities :

Option A : Look for a "Business Analyst" Position elsewhere straightaway?

Option B : Look for a HR Position elsewhere straighaway?

Option C : Get trained on some Functional Stuff (SAP, Oracle for
example) and then build a career?

I welcome valuable suggestions. Any other Options other than the above, that may be worth considering is also welcome.
I appreciate your help.
17 years ago

Congratulations. Quickfire 90....
Originally posted by Suchitra Bhat :

Client calls remove() when stateful session bean is in passivation.
Does the bean directly go to "does not exist " state or it will be brought back to the active state and then ejbRemove() is called ?

The bean goes directly to the "Does Not Exist" State.
Its always a wonderful learning experience to have the Moderators stepping in to answer technical questions. Thank you Valentin...
Great Score. By the way, how long it took for you to prepare?
17 years ago
Great Score. By the way, how long it took for you to prepare?
17 years ago
Thanks for your expalanation.
Great job! Really an inspiration for aspirants who can afford very minimal time for preparation.
The rule of thumb is to always wrap the it.next() statement inside a while(it.hasNext()) block and typecast the it.next() to the appropriate Class type.
[ June 24, 2006: Message edited by: Ramasubbhu Allur Kuppusamy ]
17 years ago
Furthermore, there is a relationship between equals() method and the hashCode() method that you can't afford to overlook.
Note that it is generally necessary to override the hashCode() method whenever equals() method is overridden, so as to maintain the general contract for the hashCode method, which states :
Two equal objects must have/produce equal hash codes.
However, two unequal objects need not produce distinct hash codes.
If hashCodes of the two objects are not equal, then it implies that those two objects are not equal.
17 years ago

Welcome to Javaranch!

The hard and fast rule is "Finally block runs, no matter what!".
But for a return statement in the finally block, the control would have returned the value 1 in the try block.

As EFH rightly pointed out, embedding return statement in finally block is not a good programming practice. You can always experiment to learn "Java Rules', though .
17 years ago