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Recent posts by Sumit Badheka

i am preparing for SCJP 1.5
i came to the decision for giving 1.5 against 1.4 is very simple - opting for the latest technology also i read many posts which tell that its better to opt for 1.5 (since it is the latest) also as a fresher engineer in IT , i am searching for a better job.

On the other hand , i have read some posts telling that 1.5 is tougher than 1.4 (which some times scares me a lot) but "the more difficult tasks gives more opportunities "

so i have kept my cool and consistently studying for the exam ,(i am a slow learner), for the last 3 months
thanks for creating this forum(esp this thread), i never feel that i am studying alone.
all the best to fellow ranchers who are preparing for the exam
hi congratulations

i m planning to giv the exam SCJP1.5 on 5th may
(which exam you gave?? 1.4 or 1.5)
kindly share your experiences with us.
suggest the tips and traps.
did you had ne prior exp in java??
how much prep hrs u spend??
14 years ago
hi everyone
i came across the question #1 from K&B page 498 for regex

please explain me this output in detail :

What is the result?
A. 234
B. 334
C. 2334
D. 0123456
E. 01234456
F. 12334567
G. Compilation Fails

And the Command line :
java Regex2 "\d" ab34ef

The output is given as (and it also comes as):01234456

please explain this in detail , i have read the explanation but i still need more detail explanation (may be along with another example )

also the explanation which is given says E as the correct answer but on the other hand it also gives that :
"A,B,C,D,E and F aree incorrect based on the above"

authors please add this to your eratta list

Thanking you
congratulations sital
i am planning to giv the test on 20th Apr

tell us more did u had any previous exp in Java ?
how many hrs did u practiced coding for the exam ?
which mocks do you suggest? also how did you came to know dat you are ready for the exam? ....i mean were you getting 90% in the mocks before giving the exam?

please share your ideas and suggestions it will be of gr8 value for us
14 years ago
congratulations Liviu
can u be more precise abt ur experience
like how many hrs u studied ,tips n traps for the exams , etc

your imp suggestions will be of gr8 help to us

i m studying for 1.5 n planning to giv it on 10th of Apr
thanks in advance
14 years ago
well mark i forgot to mention that i was planning to make this dictionary for the mobile phones.i m sorry for that.

well its like having a look up dictionary in the cell phone. this can help building a good vocab whenever u come across a new unknown word.

i got many dictionary thru searching on the net,but i guess joy of making one is rather different

so pls i need guidance
14 years ago
hi every1

i m planning to create a java based dictionary (Eng -Eng)
please tell me the prerequisites , if any for which i need to prepare
i m currently preparing for SCJP n studied most of the part for it.

so i need your guidance n any suggestions pls do tell me , also if u feel dat i need to read particular books or online articles or tips then pls do give me the required links

thanking you
14 years ago
dats a gud score

pls share ur experience with us(esp ,ur prep planning and books referred)
and also suggest tips for passing the exam , even i m planning to give the SCJP 1.5 on 30th mar
your suggestions will be of great value for me.

congratulations for passing the exam
thanks for replying

Hey Bessa when r u planning too give the SCJP Exam??
I m planning to give this month 30th mar

tell me more , about ur prep planning n materials u r referring

your suggestions will be very helpful to me

u can also mail me on

thanks once again for replying
respected sir
thanks for replying

is it dat the exam 1.5 didnt had any drag and drop type questions?? (i dont know about it , i just read the exam type which says "multiple choice - drag n drop")

pls sir will u suggest me on the books i m referring or i need to do something more
also share ur experience of preparing for the exam n , actually giving the exam .

pls ur suggestions are valuable for me

this is for every1 who gave the scjp 5.0

please ppl tell me how u all prepared for the drag and drop questions??

also please suggest any materials(books,online exams,etc) for these drag and drop hurdle

also suggest for the books for preparation , currently i am reading
1 phillip hellar 1.5
2 khalid mughal 1.4

i need all ur suggestions n comments urgently , bcos i m planning to give the exam SCJP 1.5 on 30th mar
Hi everyone

I am planning to give SCJP this month (30th mar)

I am not getting any material for handling the Drag and Drop questions.

currently i am referring following books:

1 phillip hellar java5
2 khalid mughal java 1.4

please help people its urgent
Thankyou very much sir,
i appreciate that u found some time to give me guidance

by the way BE is "Bachelor Of Engineering In Infotmation Technology"
,I did my BE from a reputed college in India, Mumbai

I would like to stay in touch with you regarding any other queries
well my e-mail id is : ,

please do send me your email address

thankyou sir
15 years ago
fantastic sir
hats off

please be kind enough to ans some of my queries :

1. i passed BE and planning to give SCJP 5.0 -- is programming experience required for preparation??

2. i hav a little experience in Java programming (college level ,no job ex)--- so will it be enough to practise at home and prepare for the exam ??
15 years ago