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Recent posts by Aleena Rehman

Has any one used Lordsen training material for SCEA part II ? How good is it ?

What is the security issue with Type-3 drivers as you mentioed in your post ?
Thanks for your response, however it probably does not answer my question. I have already gone through Wikipedia's definition of Type-3, but my question is weather type-3 is more/less secure. Does it in any way affect security ?

Hi All,

Lately i have noticed that some of the leading database vendors are discontinuing support for JDBC Type 3 ? Can any body explain the reason for this ?

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[ February 11, 2007: Message edited by: Jeanne Boyarsky ]
Dear JDBC Gurus,

Can somebody please explain what are the benefits of Type-3 driver over Type-4 driver ? I was having a discussion with one of our customers and he was considering the gateway(MiddleWare) in Type-3 as an additional layer of security, as clients donot talk directly to the db server ?

I am looking for some counter argument and if possible some reference material that can help ?

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[ February 11, 2007: Message edited by: Jeanne Boyarsky ]
SCBCD exam really does help in SCEA (Especially Part 1). Two of the major sections in SCEA exam are EJB and EJB Container Model, and having passed SCBCD you must be sure to get 100% marks on both of them.

From my personal experience, i definitely had a lot of help from SCBCD.
Well i have requested somebody else to purchase the voucher for me as they are not available in my country. So does he have to mention my Prometric Id while purchasing the vouchers ?

After purchasing the voucher, do i have to register somewhere, so that sun can give me access to the assignment download ?
Congrats !!!

Best of luck for future!
I have completed part I a few months back and now want to take on part II and III.
Can somebody help me with the process? Here is what i will be doing ?

Buy vouchers for both part II and III.

Register Part II at prometric (Will this give my candidate ID permission to download assignment) from the tracker site ? or will i get a new username password ?

Looking forward for the response !
DEFINITION - A Facade substitutes the interfaces of a set of classes with the interface of a single class. Facade hides implementation classes behind one interface. [Design Patterns by Gamma et al]

DEFINITION - The Business Delegate hides the underlying implementation details of the business service, such as lookup and access details of the EJB architecture. [J2EE Design Patterns by * et al]

So Using a facade to encapsulate calls to your business model is called the Business Delegate pattern.

The session facade pattern is used have one clear interface into your application. Behind that you can hide how it is actually implemented, session beans here and there, the odd ejb, dao too etc. You can then change about the implementation without changing your clients view of the application.

The business delegate is used to hide the fact that you have a session bean there. It can cache the EJB look ups saving you time, and be used to convert nasty EJB exceptions into something more user friendly. When you change your application model from session beans to the next fade you wont have to change your clients there.

Originally posted by Durgaprasad Guduguntla:
Thanks for the reply. That means for a composite entity, if the parent entity bean is implemented with BMP then all of its dependent entity beans should be implemented with BMP. Can someone clarify whether this is correct?

A transaction started by CMP cannot be chained into a BMP. It will be temporarily suspended till a BMP transaction is completed.

A BMP has to start its own transaction.

Please correct me if i am wrong....