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Recent posts by ketan joshi

Hi ,
Thanks in advance for help

Specific requirement:
I have to create dynamic text input fields based on a number input which shall divide a given range
eg. Start date,end date will be provided and a number to divide this date range will be provided (all these 3 parameters could change later)

Based on current values (eg, start date of 1st Jan 2011 and end date of 31st December 2011 and monthly interval ),I will have 12 text input fields
in this case it will be entry for Jan,feb March,.....December

Now above values could change eg. start date of 1st Jan 2011 and end date of 31st May 2011( 6 months) and weekly interval , so I will have 6*4=24 columns 1st Jan to 7th Jan,7th Jan to 15th Jan ,15th to 22nd and 22nd to 31st and so on

While I can think of creating dynamic columns in terms of html,I was wondering how should I design my database to save these values
I mean the column count will keep changing based on input by user

In which direction I should think..Database or Java code


Hello all,

Thanks for a quick feeback.
While I dont expect spoon feeding,I am a bit unclear when to set up a different log file for each application
Where to add the appender per artifact

If you can direct me to links which provide some details about making these configurations,I would be glad

Thanks a lot.
I have a single log4j.jar and properties file...I have multiple applications deployed on a single server and each application uses log4j for logging

How to configure log4j so that only one application(the one I want) will write data to one log file

I dont want other applications to write their logs to this log file otherwise troubleshooting for a single application is difficult.

What can be done..

Thanks in advance

Sorry if this is a very simple question but I am not aware how to handle this

Best Regards