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T Ram

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since Sep 27, 2005
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Recent posts by T Ram

Can anyone explain the relationship between the Flight and Equipment , Equipment and Seats ?

Equipment is a Segment ? What it really means.

Can anyone explain ?
Hi TOM.... Excellent score.....

Congrats TOM...
Hi All,

I am trying to Open a Word Document from JSP Page....

Since the word document needs to display the formatted output,
I am planning to go for Jakarta - POI Project....

Can i display the images in the Word document using POI...

Any other restrictions is there in the POI....

Could anyone please explain me....

Thanks in advance,

18 years ago
Lakshmi R,

Can you pls send me the Design Review Ppt to my id,

Because am not able to download it from this link,

my id :


I followed the following things,

Mark Cade - Certification Guide
Paul Allen - Certification Guide
Set of questions from SCEA_PREP groups

Three hours preparation per day was enough for me...
I had to spent 4 weeks for the entire preparations...

Mock test is very very important one.. we can easily estimate ourself...
how fast & how far we are in the preparations...

All the best for your preparations.....
Hi YiSi,

Whether the legacy system/CORBA interfaces supports this SOAP?

Thats why we need to go for HTTP tunneling...
Thanks a lot for all the ranchers...

Yesterday i cleared my SCEA Part-I with 70%....
I was not able to find much time for some of the scenario based questions..
Anyway it is very poor score...

Mostly i used this Ranch site for all the clarifications....
I hope i can get good score in Part - II & III...

Awesome score...Congrats...
Can you tell us.. how long it took to finish....

SCEA focussing on the Architecting & Designing the applications.
Other exams for developing the application components.

My opinion is, it is right to time to start the SCEA preparation...
Congrats... Stevan...