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Recent posts by Adewale Adebusoye

I am also having issues with maven and eclipse, I keep getting crazy dependency errors, and when I fix one, another one rears its head...If you find anything, please post it here.
But, I got the archetypes to work..I am developing an atlassian plug-in, and I used the mvn eclipse:eclipse command to set the archetype up as an eclipse getting eclipse to see the project without any errors is where am stuck.
16 years ago
When I type mvn --version at the prompt, I get this exception:

I am using a linux system by the way. I tried googling it, and found some guys solution, but could not understand if you guys have seen this exception before, please tell me how you handled it.
16 years ago
I am trying to install maven so I can develop an Atlassian- JIRA plug in, but I keep getting build errors when I try to create a JIRA archetype.
Has anyone had experience with this, and can anyone help?
PS Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section
16 years ago
Hello all:

I am building a struts application which uses LDAP. The problem is when we want to edit fields which take in numbers(i.e phoneNumber field), I keep getting an exception. So this means that if someone in the directory wants their phone number deleted, it cant happen.

This is the exception I keep getting:

javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.Exception: LDAPException: Invalid Attribute Syntax (21) Invalid Attribute Syntax
LDAPException: Server Message: homePhone: value #0 normalization failed

I have tried setting the attribute I want to edit to empty with both null and an empty string, but to no avail.
Does anyone please have any ideas?

16 years ago
And yesss I changed my JBoss version to 4.2.2.GA and properly edited the file, and it worked!!! Thanks guys, like wayne said, probably a version compatibility error.
Now I can go to bed.
Thanks guys!!
16 years ago
I am using JBoss 4.0.5.GA and JBoss seam 2.0.0 GA and Ant 1.7..And I put an "=" in the build.config.
16 years ago
I installed JBoss seam, the JBoss server, and ANT, and I configured them ok.
Then I went to the examples directory in seam, and in the particular application subdirectory (booking), I typed ant-deploy.
Then I pointed my browser to http://localhost:8080/seam-booking
And I ended up with this error:

error 404, the requested resource is not available.
I checked the file, and Its pointing to the JBoss AS directory...I set it like this:

jboss.home D:\\Program Files\\jboss-4.0.5.GA

Can anyone help or at least tell me why the applications dont work?

16 years ago
I have a jsp page from which im meant to submit an id to a servlet, and then the servlet reads an xml file, and outputs the correct line to the jsp.
the xml file looks like

so if i submit an id of 1 from the jsp, then it should send it to the servlet which reads the file and outputs "hello people".
My problem now is how to read the xml file from the servlet,since I havent done anytype of xml stuff like this before.
please i need a way to add existing .class files into my project in netbeans.
Im doin somethin on reflection so i only have access to the .class files.
I need to add them to my project before i can work on them
can anyone help?
oh and the error is in the testGen() method.
17 years ago

I have written a simple library for an assignment called GenericSet. It extends TreeSet, and its meant to be able to contain unique objects of the same type.And all the methods are static as required in the question.

Now when i run the code using a test class...i get this error:

incompatible types; no instance(s) of type variable(s) T exist so that com.GenericSet.GenericSet conforms to com.GenericSet.GenericSet<java.lang.Double>
found : <T>com.GenericSet.GenericSet
required: com.GenericSet.GenericSet<java.lang.Double>
GenericSet<Double> set2=GenericSet.initialize();

i dont know how to solve it. The code for my Library and the test clas sis below:

GenericSet Library

Now this is my test class

Please please can someone tell me where i went wrong?

17 years ago
Yeah i know that using static methods dosent cut it at all..but im constrained by the assignment rules which state that the methods all have to be static.

Please can anyone give me a link to any samplecode where either List, ArrayList or Vector was extended, with added functionality?

17 years ago
yeah im allowed to do that.
thanks..any other suggestions? do you think my initial idea works?
17 years ago
Hi all, im tryin to create my own API for an assignment. the API is meant to provide facilities to create ordered sets and to perform some operations which i will define below.
The library is meant to be called GenericSet.

And it sholod implement some functions like

GenericSet initialize which returns the empty set

GenericSet insert(GenericSet z, item i) adds element i to the GenericSet and returns a new set.

the functions are meant to be static

ok now for the a bit confused as to how im gonna implement this.

My idea is to write a class GenericSet..then mebbe have an array or a list where i can hold all the items to be stored, then for each of the methods like initialize and insert()..i simply work with the array(like inserting the elements into it)..then i return a this object; this referring to the current GenericSet object.

But the static methods are confusing me... can someone someone tell me if my ideas are right? and will using static methods change the way i have to implement this?

Thanks a lot
17 years ago
Hi..i have posted this problem before but i didnt get an appropriate answer..maybe i didnt explain it well enough.

i have to implement a draw method that MUST have this signature:

draw(Point p1, Point p2, Point p3, int n, JFrame, w).

I came up with this code:

Problem with this code is that it flickers when it draws the window. So can anyone help me get it working well..and at the same time adhere to the format of the draw method.
Personally..i could have done this another way but it has to be in this format. Thanks for helping..javaranch has never dissappointed!!!
17 years ago