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Recent posts by Thirunas Deeps

I am new to this forum, I would like to know some details before preparation

1.about version (which version covered in the exam)
2.I have planned to do it on January. Whether sun planned to upgrade the exam between january???
3.I have used HFSJ for SCWCD and achieved it. Hope HeadFirst for Ejb also will help me to achieve it. Right???
4.for SCWCD I have used only HFSJ . no more materials I have used. Shall I follow the same thing for SCBCD??? Please clarify

Thanx in advance
Hi All,

Can you please suggest me materials including book for SCBCD exam.
i have planned to do it on Januray. just 2 1/2 months is that ok?. please guide me.

Thanx in advance
Hi Amit,

you are correct. i am sorry, yes i have two years of experience in jsp, servlets. i agree with you, that experience helped me to do it in 10 days.

Hi Sunil

Design patten questions are easy to answer, but read carefully. i mean other patterns are easy to choose but service locator, business deligate make you think lot.
Hi All,

I am glad to share with you that i passed SCWCD with 81%.
i would like to thank all in ranch family especially "Radhika Jonnalagadda,Bert Bates,Karthik R,Rizwan Mohammad,AmitKumar Jain ,Mat Williams,Mikali Zaikin ".

Here is my experience

1.I am very sure and Guarantee that HFSJ is more than enough to pass the exam.

2.I only used HFSJ and one hour revision Mikali Zaikin notes(helped me lot for final revision ).

3.I did not do any mock exam except HFSJ mock. I got only 53% in HFSJ mock, but i did not loose my confidence(my advice is HFSJ mock is more difficult that real exam. Don�t loose your confidence with HFSJ mock exam score. I am sure u can)

4.Greatest thing is I have spend only 10 days for my exam but I read at least 14 hrs per day and revised HFSJ 3 times.

About Exam

1.Questions are really easy and most of them are direct questions.

2.Be careful with EL,Custom tags I got more than 12 questions from that and most of the jsp:usebean also used EL.

3.Design patterns are easy , ad carefully and choose ur answer.

4.Most of the questions are select the best.

5.One question is confused me lot. Example in doStartTag finction returns EVAL_BODY_AGAIN in all answers.

6.Be careful with getResource() function, casting getAttribute()
7.I am sure servlet questions are easy and you should be very careful with jsp 1.2 enhancements.

8.don�t afraid while starting the exam. for me exam starts with very tough and finally questions are very easy.

9.And most important thing is please read all pages carefully before click start button in exam. Like about exhibit button , task button.

10. Another important thing is Task button question is rearrange your answers and you need to answer it again while revision of all your answers(be careful)

If you have any queries feel free to ask me. I am always here to help u. because I got great help from this forum . Thank all again.
Hi All,

Is HFSJ is enough for all exam objectives. if any objective should we should read other materials(because of not enough explainations in HFSJ).

IS Design patterns covered by HFSJ is enough for the exam. if you guys have any material please inform me. i am having my exam on this 7th NOV.
Can anyone please tell me where this notes available.
Hi Nick Kouiroukidis

Thank you vey mich for ur reply. can you please mail that notes

my id:

njoi ur days...

You are Responsible for What you are
Hi ,

yes. in HHSJ they mentioned that it must be configured and in some where they said errarta need not to be configured..please clarify this.
Hi Jesus Angeles & SATISH,

Thank you very much for ur timely help.
Hi All,

can you please reply me immediately whether only HFSJ is enough to pass the exam. coz i am using HFSJ only and planned to take exam on 7th of NOV. i don't have time to read other materils or mock exams. please suggest me.

Thanx in advance

Congratulations ....

can you please reply me immediately whether only HFSJ is enough to pass the exam. coz i am using HFSJ only and planned to take exam on 7th of NOv. i don't have time to read other materils. please suggest me immediately.
Hi All,

The class implements HttpSessionActivationListner should have an entry in DD or not?. please confirm.
No. you will get 404 error. if your url is points to directory then welcome file list will take care of the output. if your url is a file and if it is not found, you will get 404 error.
Hi All,

i am using HFSJ for my scwcd preparation and started on last day only. i have planned to take the exam on 7th Nov. my query is it must that we have to run all the programs which are in HFSJ. i don't have time to work on this. is that ok with only by reading and not done any code for preparation.

thanx in advance