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Recent posts by Sri Ram

Hi Ranchers,

I am getting the Oracle Exception
java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01453: SET TRANSACTION must be first statement of transact
after we upgraded the Oracle version from Oracle to Oracle

Initially we had a Oracle Version and the Application was working fine with it. Now the DBA has upgraded the version Oracle to by applying a patch ("p4163445_92070_SOLARIS64").
After this upgrade, about 15 minutes after starting the service, i am getting this exception regularly.

I was thinking this could be a oracle parameter issue or a issue in Oracle I will not be able to change the code since, the number of points i have to change is huge.

Please let me know how to solve this issue

If i try with one record, it goes thro properly. I mean no exceptions at all.

This exception is coming only few times, if i update some 20 records, i get this for some 5 or 6 records only. Sometimes no exceptions are coming.
Hi ranchers,

I have a prepared statement, which is fired in loop for some 15 records. But for some recs it updates properly, and others it fails, giving me this above exception.

but the second time the loop runs, the data base is getting updated properly. I tried in google and in this bar also. But failed to get the proper explanation for this. Please help me guys.
Thanks all,

I found the problem in file reading. I didnt open the file with UTF-8.
what i was doing is, getting the values from File in normal encoding and puting into the hashmap. These values were going in junk. When i compare with valid thai value, its giving out null.
15 years ago
Yeah even i was thinking its because of encoding.

My problem is when, i get the value from DB and make the key out of it. I dont know how it is stored in DB. and when i get from Hashmap using this DB data, its coming as null.

Then in that case, how do i put thai data into the hashmap. I dont have any primary key to use also.

15 years ago
Hi Ranchers,

I am facing a problem while storing and retrieving thai data in a hashmap. I have both the key and value as thai data. When I want to retrieve value from the hashmap giving the key as thai data, it is not fetching the value. I mean, no value is getting returned even though the data matches. I checked by giving the key as English data, its giving out the result properly.

I understand that there could be a difference while constructing a thai word, where the character sequence can be different. In this case how can I put and get data from a Hashmap.

This is the code example which i am using.

15 years ago
check this link out guys.


She is the best and my fav news reader. Now who can beat this....
15 years ago
Even i taught so. But when i try to re run the same record without changing anything, the process goes thro and is saved to DB. only in this case, only one record is processed instead of a batch.
Actually i cant avoid that execute batch since that block needs to be processed for all the applications. thats where the update happens to DB after processing.

Now can i set some where the max batch size in DB so that even though i have a batch update, only one record is picked at a time.
Actually i found that there was a problem in ojdbc14.jar which gives the same error. so i was thinking if this could be because of that.

And there can be no null values for this update statement since this is working in most cases and not working in only very rare conditions.
and in each case, its only one value thts updated.
Hi Ranchers,
i am using oracle, and using ojdbc14.jar for accessing in my java program. i have some process to be run which has batch update.
sometimes when i run these process, i get exception which is pasted below.

The occurance is very very rare. i dont have any idea in which case its coming. i tried to follow this up, but sometimes it doesnt come for days and suddenly this problem may come.

I tried googling and am not able to figure out the solution for this.
please help...
There is already a code doing this. a dummy for loop.


But still the timing is not sufficient. In 128KBPS, the given timing is not enough and its still gives Access is Denied error. But in 100MBPS lan connection, the same is working properly, with or without this loop.
Okay I am accessing one vairable present in one frame from another frame. I tried giving a few alerts.
With alerts its not giving this error.
hav a problem here. I have one application which has one screen. 2 clients same config. except that one machine is dell and another is toshiba. The Internet explorer version is also a little different. The screen is accessed from both machines, one is giving access is denied error and other is saving without any issues. The Dell Machine also, saves some times and at random times only its giving this error.

This observation is more seen in 128KBPS line.
Hey based upon login read from different properties file. or in same property file keep entries like DB1, DB2 etc. or with some relevent names.
Read the whole property file and based on login which u might have in session, create connection to corresponding database.