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Recent posts by pvsr rao

Hi All,

I am new to web services.I am encountering InvocationTargetException while I am generating java source code from WSDL file using Axis code genarator plug in.I am encountering this problem at time of clicking on finish button(after giving wsdl path,output folder for generating java source code).

I am using JbossIDE for Eclipse 3.1,jboss-4.0.4.GA and java5.

How can I get rid of this problem.What kind of configuration I have to do to run sample web services application.

Please help me on this issue.Its urgent for me.

Thanks in advance..
[ August 21, 2008: Message edited by: pvsr rao ]
14 years ago
public String makinStrings() {
String s = �Fred�;
s = s + �47�;
s = s.substring(2, 5);
s = s.toUpperCase();
return s.toString();
How many String objects will be created when this method is invoked?
14 years ago
If HTTP is stateless then how does a web application maintain state.
please respond
14 years ago
where is the implementation class for resultset interface
I have one doubt on factory design pattern
Actually in our project we are creating the object using factory class
suppose to create an object of the class
but wecan also do,ike this
PLan_f f= new Plan_f(;
what is the advantage of creating an object by using factory classes
What is the advantage of using hidden variables in jsp
15 years ago
What is the advantage of using HashMap over HashTable in java
15 years ago
I need to create a scrollable table in jsp.i have searched the net.but unable to find it.if anyone knows please tell me the solution to create the scrollable table in html
In my Project I have one requirement.I should display a scrollable table that should display 5 rows.when i scroll it should display the other rows.how to do this.I Have searched the google but unable to found the solution.If any one had done thisplease reply
i have to disable the alertbox of javascipt from the java program.iam able to do it from jsp.my requirement is alertbox should not be displayed.iam able to do it in jsp but i should change the java file only but not the jsp in javascript i have written one userdefined function which had some lert message and iam calling that method from jsp.i have commented this method in jsp.now that alertbox had not been displayed.but i have to change in java file only.can we doit?
is EJB Component is multithreaded or singlethreaded
In an interview one has asked when you go for static and when you go for nonstatic?can you explain
16 years ago
please send me the samplecode for placing an arraylist into session.
i have tried but iam getting classcastexception
ArrayList a= new ArrayList();

please reply to this
16 years ago
can we place an arraylist into session?
i know how to place the string in session.in one interview they have asked this question
16 years ago
when iam trying to delete the user from sunone directory server
it is giving the following exception
Insufficient 'delete' privilege to delete the entry
how to set the privileges in sunone directory server.please send as it is very urgent for me
16 years ago