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Recent posts by Jaime Yong

It is said that in some of the books that servlet is not efficient in generating HTML and instead we should use JSP. How is JSP more efficient in generating HTML since JSP is compiled into servlet before it is run ? Can some of the wizard out there help on this.

Thank You
Can someone help me with this. On page 513 HFEJB, the first BANG box says : Only ststeful
session beans can implement SessionSynchronization, because stateless session beans are allowed
to maintain a transaction once a method has ended.(means BMT). The Second BANG box says :
SessionSynchronization is for CMT beans only. Is this a trick or something ?

By the way, assuming it is a mistake on page 513, why stateless session beans are allowed
to implement SessionSynchronization ? Please help me.
I have downloaded the answer for "Sharpen the pencil" in HFEJB from O'reilly site. But the answers given are only up until chapter 9. Where can I get the rest ? Can someone give me the link ? TQ
When client call remove() on a passivated stateful session bean, will container call ejbRemove() before killing the bean. Can someone help me as this is not in the HFEJB ?
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Hi Thirunas and Jesus,

Thank you for asking this question for me. According to HFS book, you don't need to configure HttpSessionBindingListener in DD, but you must configure HttpSessionActivationListener in DD. However, I came across a mock exam question and a book somewhere that says you need to configure HttpSessionActivationListener in the DD as well. Can someone with authority clarify this ? May be Bert or Kathy can confirm this.
Is this book enough for preparation for SCJP 1.5 ? On the cover of the
book it says that the book covers Java 5.0. However, I didn't see any specific chapter or topic cover Java 5. Can Kathy or Bert clarify ? Can someone recommend a book for me to read or any website to get some notes. I need to take this exam in eight weeks time. Please help.
Hi Narasimha

But my basic doubt is still not clarified, i.e.
" I am having two listener classes each one is extending one of the (HttpSessionBindingListener and HttpSessionAttributeListener)listeners. If an attribute is added to the session will both the classes are notified? because the action is equal to - value is bounding to the session and at the same time it is equal to attribute is adding to the session"

See if I can make sense out of this :

If the attribute that added to the session is the one that implement HttpSessionBindingListener then both listeners will be notified. If the the attribute(any attribute) that is added to the session does not implement HttpSessionBindingListener then only the classes that implement HttpSessionAttributeListener is notified. By the way, please remember this:
when valueUnbound is called because an attribute is replaced and you do event.getValue(), the value returned is the old value not the new value. I have a good feeling this will be in the exam.
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